QI Watchdown: A2 (Astronomy)

Just watched the first one. Now onto the second. Yep. That simple.

Unlike the last episode, Alan is introduced first? I don’t know what prompted that.

Jeremy Hardy I knew from a few early series of Mock the Week. I don’t remember a great deal about him, but I remember he was moderately funny.

Rich Hall…damn, what happened to him? He looks like Jim Breuer on crystal meth. For anyone who doesn’t know, Rich got a start of Not Necessarily the News, on HBO, which landed him on SNL for one season. Rich was a lower key member of a cast that included Billy Crystal, Martin Short and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. So…now he’s on a panel show in England. Glad to see everything turned out fine.

BILL BAILEY! As one of the two fans of the Scottish panel show Space Cadets, I’ve already been acquainted with Mr. Bailey, and he’s right up there with Stephen on the list of awesome British people. Hell, he was great in Hot Fuzz.

Already, the buzzer noises are funnier. Last episode it took me until Alan’s to laugh, but even Rich’s was kind of funny, and Jeremy’s was funny because it was abrupt.

Rich’s joke about how the lavatories are in America reminds me that Rich is the first American on the show. On Whose Line it took one episode for an American, Archie Hahn sadly, to show up. On Mock the Week it took twelve episode for one to show up, and it was thankfully Greg Proops. Speaking of Greg, the argument about how lavatories are in America reminds me of something Greg would take up with Clive Anderson.

Rich banging on his buzzer and saying ‘I just want to say that it’s 9 PM’ made me laugh. Also, does that man ever open his mouth wider than a half-inch?

Bill’s joke about how Croatia put a weasel on their flag made me laugh (‘the others were gone. The lion’s gone, the tiger- what have we got left? A weasel!’)

Surprisingly, I’m enjoying Rich. He has this dry, wordplay-esque way about him, which is weird because the way he looks he comes off as cynical and craggy. Also, I can see why Matt Groening based Moe the bartender off of him.

To introduce the second topic, Stephen quotes Douglas Adams. Respect points through the roof.

Once again, halfway through the episode, someone had the bright idea to change Alan’s buzzer noise. And once again, only Alan notices this.

A friend of mine already told me about the ‘moon’ answer, so I’m finally watching it, watching reactions, knowing what ends up happening. Alan’s initial guess makes me laugh, especially ‘it’s called THE moon!” Additionally, Rich going ‘who comes up with this shit’ got a nice reaction out of me.

I think the biggest laugh I had in that one was after this remark:
Rich: ‘Well how come there hasn’t been any romantic songs with the word Cruithne in it? Blue Cruithne of Kentucky? Cruithne River?”
Just the rear-back-and-punch way that Stephen said that made me lose it.

One more quick gag that I loved.
Stephen: Where is 90% of the universe?
Jeremy: IKEA!

Alan’s dissection of Ikea made me laugh because I’ve always made jokes about how they get the names of their products by recording the sound they hear when they throw them down the stairs.

For the second time this episode, Alan gets points off for the obvious answer. This will be a theme in later episodes. To be fair, unlike the moon one, the Pluto one is correct. Stephen Fry knew this before Neil DeGrasse Tyson made it an official law.

By the third obvious answer that Alan gives it becomes very clear that Stephen is just doing it to screw with him, and I adore that. And then the FOURTH TIME! “OOOOOH, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN!”

In Summation:

Bill didn’t pop up as much as I thought he would this episode, which is odd, because in Space Cadets (and later in the series) he becomes a more comedic presence.

Again, Rich had a lot of great moments, mostly because he seemed bitter and hopeless for most of the episode, yet still coming up with a lot of the best lines. I sort of counted him out when I heard he was on the show, yet I feel like he’s going to come off as a strong presence.

Jeremy didn’t have a lot to say tonight, but when he spoke, he had a couple of nice jokes, one-liners, more along the lines of the ones on Mock the Week.

Alan’s episode wasn’t nearly as odd as the first one, yet he did have a bunch of nice moments in getting the obvious answers.

MVP: Rich
Best Guest: Bill
Winners: Rich and Jeremy
Best QI Fact: Cruithne


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