QI Watchdown: A3 (Aquatic Animals)

Burning through as many of these episodes as I can tonight. Besides, they’re fun, and I enjoyed the last one simply due to Cruithne, and Rich’s bitterness towards Stephen following that one.

Onto Episode III:

CLIVE! CLIVE’S HERE! AAAAAAHHHHHH! I’m so excited, because in 10 seasons of Whose Line, the man never got out from behind the desk to perform, except for cracking a few jokes here and there. I knew he was capable of being very, very funny, and him appearing on QI confirms this. Best part of Clive Anderson showing up is I can make bald jokes. YEEESSS!

Bill’s back. Wonderful.

Meera Syal I do not know, but I’m not sure if we’ll be hearing a lot from her this episode.

For a second I did a double take because from the swoop-in after the credits, I thought Alan was Chris Addison, and started spazzing out because Chris Addison represented the last golden era of Mock the Week. But, of course, it was only Alan wearing a pink shirt.

The buzzer noises are creative, in each is like a gavel, except for Alan’s, which is a ping pong ball. My first thought when I saw Clive’s gavel was ‘THIS COURTROOM IS A MOCHRIE!’ And then I thought sad because I don’t think Colin Mochrie ever did an episode of QI.

NOT EVEN TWO MINUTES INTO THE SHOW and Alan has his first run-in with the Elves. Man, that guy is good!

I find it very ironic that Bill is the one arguing about a blue whale when in a span of two years he’d end up voicing one in the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie.

“It’s a tapeworm INSIDE a blue whale!” Well done, Clive! Good to see the man’s still got it. And by it, I do not mean hair.

Makes me very happy when Stephen speaks of a Sherlock Holmes story, partially because I know he’s a huge fan of Conan Doyle, but mostly because in a span of eight years he’ll be playing Mycroft.

Five minutes in and Meera Syal has not said a word. I didn’t know we invited Shappi Khorsandi to this panel (I say that because I do not believe Shappi said a single word on her episode of Mock the Week).

OKAY, FIVE MINUTES 45 SECONDS IN, MEERA FINALLY FUCKING SAYS SOMETHING. ABOUT DAMNED TIME! Jeez, I thought we just had three panelists on this one for a second.

“The blue whale, a very vain animal. Perhaps the largest thing it’s able to swallow is its pride.” A great quote from Bill. Reminds me why I enjoyed him on Space Cadets.

Alan’s motion involving the whale’s lack of erections made me laugh harder than I should have.

Alright, Clive Anderson may be the frontrunner for quote of the episode
Meera: “You know how the octopus mates? They mate with their third right arm!”
Clive: “Well, we ALL do that..”
Well…done. I didn’t know Clive could manage a masturbation joke like that.

I find it quite ironic that Stephen’s the first one to mention Pamela Anderson’s, in his words, “BIG TITS!”

Another great Clive quote:
Stephen: “They were both the offspring of a cobbler and a washer-woman”
Clive: The same one.
Stephen: NO!

Wow, either this was a quick episode or there were too few rounds, because it felt like GI snuck up on us.

Also, a wonder that Alan’s second obvious answer of the episode came twenty-one minutes after his first one.

I love how I can tell when an obvious wrong answer is coming whenever I hear Stephen go “OOOOOOHHHH!” It cracks me up every single time.

I love that it took 20 minutes for Alan to get his second Obviously Wrong Answer, but he gets three in a span of two minutes. Even funnier, when Alan gets his third wrong, Stephen goes “OOOOHHHHH MY GOD…”

“The Sahara is LUSH by comparison. LUSH, ALAN!” I just love how 75% of this round is just Stephen screwing with Alan.

You know a joke has gone well when by the fifth time Alan’s on the verge of a OWA, Clive and Meera are going “NO! DON’T DO IT, ALAN!” in an attempt to dissuade him from saying 24 hours.

I love how Stephen and Clive’s relationship is different here than on Whose Line, solely because Stephen is the host. The best example of this is Clive, nearly cutting him off, and Stephen responding “Oh, shush your mouth for once, will you please, Clive.” In Whose Line, Clive would sort of be annoyed with Stephen’s antics.

Final Thoughts:

If anything, this episode made me appreciate the great comedic talent that is…former TV presenter Clive Anderson. I see him more as a host, but I forget how funny he can be in a panel situation, especially seeing as he only did one or two episodes of Mock the Week. Clive was in top form here tonight, and deserved his intellectual win.

Bill had a much funnier round today, especially with his ‘bees’ running gag, which reminded me of the ‘he’s been eating peas’ one from Space Cadets. I forget how funny and quick Bill can be sometimes.

Alan came very close to having FIVE…FIVE OWAs tonight, which is not only pathetic but hysterical. Even funnier was seeing Stephen react to them every single time.

Meera Syal…I guess she was on the show, but she didn’t do much other than state information. She didn’t crack many jokes, and until she and Clive started pleading with Alan, I forgot she was on the show. So much for the first female panelist on the show. Good news is that arguably the best female panelist in the show’s history is coming up next show.

MVP: Bill
Best Guest: Clive
Show Winner: Clive
Best Loser: Alan, for his multiple OWAs
Non-Player Character of the Week: Meera.
Best QI Fact: The Blue Whales.


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