QI Watchdown: A4 (Atoms)

Four in one night. And no, I’m not describing how many Obviously Wrong Answers Alan gets per episode. I mean this is my fourth QI tonight. And it’s a good one, seeing that this is Jo Brand’s first episode, and she’ll be with the series until the present season.

Let’s dive in:

Alan is looking like he wants to kill Stephen at the top of the show. This is gonna be a good one.

Howard Goodall is the show’s composer, and that’s basically all I know about him. I’m thinking this is the kind of Jimmy Mulville sort of thing where someone from production will sit in on a few episodes to ruin things a bit.

Jeremy Hardy is back. Is this the second british panel show that he’s stayed on for a series and a half for? Mock the Week first, now this?

Jo Brand I already knew from Mock the Week’s first couple series’, and I remember her being one of the few funny female panelists they had on. Like, they’d have like a Gina Yashere or a Holly Walsh, but I think Jo Brand did more shows than them. And like I said, she’ll be around for a while.

I like the rhyming Stephen’s doing right off the bat. You can see the panelists are amused by it, especially Jo.

I feel like the last few tapings have been out of order of filming. Like, 1 and 3 are similar in their simpler buzzer sounds, but 2 and 4 have been wacky right off the bat. For instance, Jeremy’s, which was the first one shown, made me laugh. Jo’s was funny, but her reaction to it made me laugh harder. Alan’s was a ‘only-Brits-will-get-this’ one, but still made me (and Alan) laugh.

You know you’ve been watching this show for four episodes when, even when Stephen says ‘this is ridiculously easy’, you know it’s going to end up with Alan pulling a OWA. I still laughed, because I would have guessed that.

“Always take a tree into a lift with you.” Well done, Jeremy. Thought he was still a funny guy.

I’ve figured it out. Howard looks like a cross between Bill Clinton and a science professor. And THAT’s why he’s not said anything.

Not even four minutes in, and Jo already had a great line.
Stephen: What is the most boring place in all of Britain?
Jo: Is it the Big Brother house?

Stephen made me crack up with his impression of a Newcastle accent “DEEEA EEEEAAAGHT!”

Five minutes in, not a damn word from Professor Clinton. That’s what you get when you make your crew go on the show. What, was he a last minute replacement for somebody? Did Rich Hall not show up because he was too bitter about life in general?

5:30. Howard finally says something, but it’s only when Stephen basically hands him the floor. How pathetic. Good news is this loaf of bread is in only one more episode.

I got a genuinely large laugh out of Jeremy pointing out the ‘terrifyingly large moorhen up on the top’, and the map ZOOMING IN to the moorhen. That is too funny.

Leave it to Jeremy to turn a boring speech by Howard into a really funny bit, by saying ‘it might have been because they weren’t entirely sure she was dead’. Jeremy is on fire tonight.

“Now, I put it to you, that if you were to go into the ozone layer and sniff, you would die.” Alan cracked me up with that one.

Stephen: “It’s kind of like if you cut a word in half and add another word, like Abso-blippin’-lutely, or sen-fucking-sational
Jo: “Or Scunthorpe”
THAT…made me laugh.

The best part of having four really, really odd sounding buzzers is that when all four of them ring in at once, you get to hear a combination of all of them. Even funnier is Alan’s coming in seconds later.

Once again, the second I heard the word ‘easy’ out of Stephen’s mouth, I foretold the “OOOOOOOHHHH!” that would follow Alan’s wrong answer.

Alan trying to justify the fact that Henry VIII did indeed have six wives cracked me up. Especially ‘think of all the family members going ‘WE WERE THERE!”

Alan: “Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.”

I never would have thought that, of all people to have been first to get an Obviously Wrong Answer, that it would have been Howard. I would have guessed Phill Jupitus. But nope, Howard got an OWA here.

More than halfway through the show and Alan’s buzzer is still cracking me up.

Howard (on light): Someone slowed it down.
Alan: So they could get into bed before the light went out.
Okay, that is fucking genius. I don’t care how many OWAs he gets. Alan is very, very funny.

I think Stephen shouldn’t have given Alan an OWA for saying environment, but whatever.

Final Thoughts:

Alan was very argumentative today, trying to fight his way onto points, which is a really nice showing from him.

Jo was a nice breath of fresh air, getting a lot of really nice laughs, and reminding me of how funny she was on Mock the Week. Jeremy had a nice night as well, but not as nice as Jo’s.

Howard…sadly didn’t do too much other than spout mildly interesting details.

MVP: Alan
Best Guest: Jo
Show Winner: Jo
NPC of the week: Howard
Funniest QI Fact: Henry VIII and his wives.


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