QI Watchdown: A6 (Antidotes)

For the first time this series, tonight’s episode of Mock the Week features four people we’ve seen before, so I don’t need to do too much in the ‘first impressions’ round of this post. Granted, of these four people, there is one that I wish I hadn’t seen before, and wish I’d never see again (and thankfully this is his last episode).

Let’s get on with it:

Danny’s hair seems to be in a bit better condition than it was in Episode one. I assume someone took a comb to it before the show.

Howard looks as bland as ever.

Jo looks like she used a bit more makeup than usual to prepare for this episode, and a bit too much lipstick as well.

Sadly the buzzer noises in this one are closer to the caliber of the first and third episode- commonplace, and not necessarily funny, except for Alan’s, which is a prolonged howl.

Alan has a very nice point, when, in response to Stephen’s quoting Bohr in saying “if you’re not shocked by [the Schroedinger problem], then you probably don’t get it”, he went “sort of like this show.”

Howard is a source for knowledge, like in the last episode, but hasn’t been telling too many jokes. Again, one of the reasons why he’s not great for this show.

Alan trying to relate Barbara Cartland to Lionel Ritchie’s ‘Hello’ video made me laugh, especially considering the fact that it just downright amused Stephen.

Stephen is an early frontrunner for quote of the night, when, to break the argument of sorts, and the conversation that’s been derailed with Alan and Danny, he says “I feel like we’ve got an insight into what life would be like in an old people’s home.”

“I was in a room with Paul Merton and Nicholas Parsons…just to show off my show-business crudentials.”- Stephen. Sadly, that’s as close as we’re gonna get to Paul Merton showing up on QI.

Alan: “And where do you get a black jackass these days?”
Jo: “Kentucky Fried Jackass…”

Just an observation: this episode isn’t as funny and quick as episode 5, which was a loud, sprawling free-for-all. I blame the stacking of people like Danny and Howard, who are more inclined to be factual than be funny.

I love how Howard notices halfway through that he’s the only person using his buzzer, which prompts Jo and Alan to barge in buzzing theirs. Also, yet again, the producers decided to change Alan’s buzzer noise, and only he notices.

Danny: “Disney has the fourth-largest Navy in the world.”
Stephen: “They’ll be making films next…”

Jo made me seriously laugh, at myself really, when she suggested that the troops gave Americans hamburgers to prevent them from swallowing their own tongues.

Biggest laugh I got in the episode pertains to Alan’s buzzer, which was switched to a sheep noise. When Stephen asked what sound the world’s largest frog makes, Alan pressed his buzzer, and just motioned to it, as if to say “BAA.”

Alan on Ribbit: “Now, that’s Rabbit in New Zealand!”

Stephen: “Most female frogs don’t make any noises at all.”

Howard has managed to guess two obvious answers over the course of two episodes. I would not have guessed that he had it in him.

Danny gets his second win. Good thing too, or else it would have been Howard.

Final Thoughts:

Not the most heart-wrenching episode. A lot of facts and not a great deal of laughs.

Jo at least had the right idea, coming up with some of the best jokes of the night. Thankfully, we’ll be spending the next episode with her as well.

Danny is good for being factual and occasionally funny, even if he’s not the most interesting man on the panel.

Howard…finally goes back into the music booth after this episode. Thankfully.

Best Guest: Jo
NPC of the Week: Howard
Show Winner: Danny
Best QI Fact: The 1933 World’s Fair one. Quite Interesting indeed.


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