QI Watchdown: A7 (Arthropods)

Third episode I’m watching tonight, after one really good one, and one really…not as good one (thanks a ton for that, Howard). Thankfully, Jimmy Carr is on the bill tonight, and he’s as close as we’re getting to Frankie Boyle on this one, which is promising.

Let’s get to it:

Jo is back for the second episode in a row, which is nice, because most of her jokes hit last time. It’s disconcerting that a lot of people in the YouTube comments feed seem to not particularly enjoy Jo Brand. I think she’s funny. I think she’s very funny.

Jackie Clune I do not know. I’m tempted to throw her into the NPC category for this episode, yet I should probably watch some of the damn episode before I throw any labels around.

Ah, yes. Jimmy Carr, Lord of the Eyeliner. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Jimmy, mainly that he’s got a similar sense of humor to Frankie Boyle, which I am delighted to hear. I haven’t seen any of 8 out of 10 cats, so I don’t really know how he is, but I’m very excited. Him and Phill Jupitus are the ones I was looking forward to, and now we’ve hit a Jimmy one, so…yeah.

Tonight’s Stephen standup is rather rushed, as he goes right to the buzzers without any intro.

Jo’s buzzer is very similar to Alan’s from a few episodes ago, and just as funny. The others are just other cashiers, while Alan’s is just a ‘sorry for the delay’ message. Clever, and similar to later buzzer stuff.

What’s this? The first answer of the show is an Obvious Wrong Answer…but it’s not given by Alan? JO GIVES IT? FASCINATING!

Not even three minutes in, and Alan’s buzzer has already changed. And, again, nobody noticed but Alan.

I love Alan’s reaction when 4/5ths of the talent just start talking about scrotums. He has this confused expression, and starts laughing very hard.

Not only did Alan’s buzzer change, but suddenly Jimmy’s is a DJ revving. Does that usually happen? Do the elves just randomly change the buzzer noises as the episode goes on?

Jimmy gets egged into saying an OWA (by Alan of course), which is a guess of ‘I don’t know’, and gets the noise rung. It’s funny, because when he said ‘I don’t know’, I half-expected a gallon of green slime to drop on his head (somebody please get the fucking reference).

Two OWAs so far. Neither of them from Alan. (Twilight Zone theme plays)

Jo gets her SECOND Obviously Wrong Episode of the night, and flails her arms’ round excitedly. NO, JO! YOU DO NOT *WANT* THAT!

Jimmy had a very nice anti-joke with “Why did the lion get lost? Because the jungle is MASSIVE.”

I do like Jimmy’s delivery. I think he’s very quick, and very dry. However, he lacks a Scottish accent, so his delivery is not as good as Frankie Boyle’s. Kidding of course. I think it rather helps the pace of his jokes, as he can just shoot right through them without huddling over twirled consonants like Frankie does.

Jo made me laugh with the comment about the He-He tribe. “I think it’s pronounced Hey-Hey, and they were an early boy-band, and they went around going ‘Hey, Hey, we’re the Monkees’. She even cracked up through that.

Jimmy had a very good point about pointing to the King’s Hut. “Which one is it? ‘that one…aaauuughhh…” Even better, he uses that detail about Swaziland in the very next question. That is how you reuse a gag.

Jo: “Yeah, I know something about the King’s mum.”
Stephen: “Who, the Great She-Elephant?”
Jo: “Yeah. She has a great memory…(cracks up)”
Stephen: “Jo, you’re having a wonderful time of yourself!”
That might be the quote of the episode. Jo is on fire tonight.

Jackie has the first relevant and funny thing she’s said all night:
Stephen: “Which ham did King Henry VIII wipe his bottom with?”
Jackie: “Anne Boleyn’s.”

Jo expects to get a wrong answer by saying an obvious one, which one have been her third of the night, but it ends up being correct. She even does an impression of the buzzer sound (“WOH!”)

Jackie is very far from the funniest person on the panel, but she’s also far from a NPC, having a few funny lines here and there. She is, however, more insistent on answering the questions than making jokes, though she has made a bunch of really nice jokes. She’s just not answering as much as the other three.

Okay, now I have Jackie’s full and unedited respect:
Jackie: “Did you know that the latest edition of the Oxford english dictionary does not contain the word ‘gullible’?”
Stephen: “Is that really true?”
Jackie: (points and laughs)

Jimmy has another good one with noting that the male European earwig has a peculiar moustache. Funnier still is the fact that he keeps going. “Is he greying at the temples? Is he wearing a monocle?”

Jo gets her THIRD OWA of the night. Keep in mind…Alan has not had one yet. Jimmy’s had one, Jo’s had three. Alan’s had zero. What a night.

…Not even a second later Alan gets his first OWA of the night by saying that water is clear. Knew it was gonna happen eventually, but at least it doesn’t look like he’ll be in last this time.

Stephen’s demonstration of how a duck sneezes made me laugh.

Would you believe it, Jo has gotten the obviously wrong answer FOUR TIMES THIS EVENING! HOLY CRAP! The funny thing is this is the first time she’s done it and had the actual required response. The other times she’s either been too excited or too shocked.

…FIVE. NOT EVEN A MINUTE LATER JO GETS HER FIFTH ONE WRONG! She is having a hell of a night. Meanwhile, Alan’s still in the positive range, and even got points for the one wrong answer he had.

The little package of vulva-volvo wordplay amused me, especially Stephen’s “it’s recently gone in for a cervix.’

I love how Jackie ends up winning by being one of the few people to stay above zero. Wow. Nicely done.

Not everyday you hear the phrase ‘AND SECOND, ALAN DAVIES WITH ZERO!’

Final Thoughts:

Wow. What an episode. All four players were really on, and a lot of great moments of jokes tonight.

In an episode where I thought Jackie would be the NPC, she ends up being a perfectly funny force, and a very good presence on the show. This is her only episode, but it was a nice one.

Jimmy had an outstanding debut, making the most of his answers, and while not approaching the riske factor Frankie Boyle would hit every time on Mock the Week, he definitely was entertaining.

Jo caught a great deal of the OWAs, and made herself very amusing tonight, even cracking up at some of her own jokes.

Alan had a more modest night, not getting many wrong, or right even.

Best Guest: Jimmy
Show Winner: Jackie
Loser of the Week: Jo, for getting five OWAs
Best QI Fact: The Kangaroos.


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