QI Watchdown: A8 (Albania)

Might as well fit one more in there tonight. Good news is it’s another Clive one, and Sean Lock and Linda Smith are here as well. Bad news is we’ve had two really good ones and one boring one tonight, and I’m really hoping this doesn’t follow the pattern, especially considering that I adore all four of these panelists.

On with it:

Alan is Alan. Moving on.

Linda Smith I remember from Mock the Week, and I have nothing but the highest amount of respect for Linda, as she was one of the funnier comedians on the show, and I’ve heard that she sadly died of cancer not long after her episodes on MTW. All I’ve seen of her stuff is funny, so I have the highest of hopes for her on QI.

Sean Lock is gonna pop up a lot on QI, and he’s mainly used as Jimmy Carr’s sidekick, though I’m happy to see he’s around without Jimmy. It’s sort of like seeing Jim Sweeney without Steve Steen just to see him move on his own.

CLIVE’S BACK! YAAAAAAYYY! Clive was wonderful his last episode, so I imagine he’ll be wonderful here as well. The odd thing is that this episode is only five years after the last Whose Line one in the UK, so…he hasn’t really aged that much.

The buzzers are thankfully funnier in this episode. Clive’s got me laughing, as it’s an overly excited trumpet player (sort of like the one from Muse). Sean’s confused by the simplicity of his, even saying ‘that it?’ Alan’s is the funniest, even eliciting an ‘oh, Alan…’ from Stephen.

The very first question off the bat delves into an argument about whether elephants drink. Sean has a good line, saying ‘so all the footage of elephants standing by water holes…they’re just acting.’

More evidence that Clive is one of the funnier recurring panelists:
Alan (on elephants drinking): Do they take it down the trunk?
Clive: After a few drinks, they’ll take it anywhere…

Clive has another amazing line, about elephants getting drunk: “They drink to forget, obviously.” This makes it the second funny joke about elephants’ memory in the last two episodes.

Alright, I believe we have our first recipient of the Frankie Boyle Award for Filthiest Joke of the night, and it comes…from Alan.
Stephen: “Bond has this idea that homosexuals can’t whistle, for example…”
Alan: “What, cause they’ve got a cock in their mouth?”
Stephen’s reaction to this was outstanding. He even relished in its filthiness, which is odd for Stephen, eventually going “I want you to go and stand in the corner.”

Linda has her first good joke of the night, on C.B. Fry: “was the mantlepiece with or without ornaments?”

I love how long it took for Clive to get to the right answer on the Albania one. Stephen must have been having a good time with that one.

Alan’s reaching for odd ideas, such as ‘self-cleaning asshole’ had me laughing.

And THEN Clive had the best idea of the show, of having an exhaust pipe for farts, which cracked me up, and pretty much everybody in the room.

At the appearance of bare bums against the changing screen, Alan has a nominee for the best line, with ‘Geri Haliwell’s not looking too thin…’

About 20 minutes into the episode Alan supplies us with our first OWA. Even Stephen is relieved, going “OH! FINALLY!” Even funnier is A SECOND LATER, Alan gets his second by saying Baked Beans, and Stephen is forced to go “OHHHHHHHHH!” He guesses mayonnaise, and Stephen retorts, ‘no, but you’re safe on that one.’

Also, for the umpteenth time, somebody changed the buzzer sounds halfway through the episode.

Clive, two appearances in, finally makes a bald joke HIMSELF. “I’m just fascinated to know that hair grows after you die, because I’m looking forward to that.” Well…bloody…done, Clive.

For the first time, Stephen rescinds a wrong answer buzzer, as even if Clive says the word ‘tree’, he explains that they call them banana trees, but they’re not really trees, even as the buzzer is going off.

Sean: “They walk.”
Stephen: “What was that?”
Sean: “Banana plants, or whatever they call them. They walk.”

Possibly the quote of the episode:
Stephen: And if a lion mates with a tiger, you get a…
Alan: …scandal.

In announcing the scores, Stephen doesn’t even need to say Alan’s name at this point for everyone to know what’s happened.

Final Thoughts:

Not as good as the last episode, or possibly the Brandreth one, but a deliciously good one indeed. Lots of good laughs and good guests.

Sean took a little while to start talking, but he had a lot of very funny answers as the night went on. Linda took more of a defensive approach, but still made a lot of really nice jokes.

Clive was the runaway winner, both intellectually and humor-wise, proving how ridiculously well he fits into this dynamic. I didn’t think it possible, but I may enjoy Clive Anderson better on a panel than behind a desk.

Alan had a very funny night himself, having some really ridiculously stupid, yet funny, answers, and not having a greal deal of OWAs.

MVP: Clive
Best Guest: Sean
Show Winner: Clive
Funniest QI Fact: Benjamin Franklin’s farts.


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