QI Watchdown: A10 (Aviation/Alan)

Last episode wasn’t as funny as I would have liked. This one features not only Rich Hall, but Peter Serafinowicz, who may be considered a ‘special guest’, and one of the first ones, at that, unless you count Gyles Brandreth as a special guest, in which case, why exactly?


Rich is back tonight, wearing an equally flashy poker jacket, and still adorned with his usual craggy facial expression. I usually enjoy Rich episodes, so this one will be nice.

Julia Morris is our female guest tonight. I really don’t know her other than knowing she’s pretty big in Australia. Interesting to see what she brings to the table.

DARTH MAUL. IN THE FUCKING HOUSE. Peter Serafinowicz is known to different people for different roles. Some people know him as Pete, the eventually-zombified flatmate who spends most of the latter half of Shaun of the Dead without any clothes on. Some people know him from popping up on most Adult Swim programming. Some people know him as the guy who says “what a bunch of a-holes” in Guardians of the Galaxy. Most people know him as Darth Maul, or more accurately the voice of Darth Maul, because apparently Ray Park is not allowed to talk in any of his movies. I’m interested to see how funny he is tonight.

As for the buzzers, Rich pounds his with indifference. Julia seems amused by her train noise. Alan’s is the outlier, the only one that isn’t a horn, the sound of a perturbed elephant.

Obviously the American guesses that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane. Least it wasn’t Alan. Thankfully, Peter reassures me that British people can be hysterical by guessing “Is it the Wrong Brothers?”

Rich amused me by randomly breaking into a Cajun accent. I thought Dr. John had entered the room all of the sudden. Equally amusing is Stephen’s southern accent. It’s exceedingly difficult to go from one voice to another without taking much of a breath.

Stephen gets away with uttering the first f-bomb on QI, by saying the abbreviation for Fukioyoko, Japan. “It’s actually not what you think it is. It’s fuck.”

Stephen has a very good point by calling Guy Ritchie, then Madonna’s husband, a ‘baggage handler’

Julia only says something when Stephen gives her the floor, which never is a good sign. However, she does warm up as the show goes on, especially with her “JAPANESE-Y!” answer.

Once again, Rich gets increasingly agitated once he gets a simple, according to Stephen, question wrong. He keeps going back to the Wright brothers question, even in the smoking question. “Well, what the fuck do I know? I don’t even know who invented the plane!”

Also, Rich makes a Meet the Parents reference by saying “I have nipples, Steve, can you milk me?”

More wordplay from Darth Maul
“Where is Alan the most popular name?” “Aland.”

Stephen and Alan arguing about whether the name Alan means a rock, a boulder, or a pebble, was definitely very interesting. This whole round about Alans is great because it’s a chance for Stephen to assault Alan.

I saw this punchline a mile away, but I still laughed.
Stephen: “My father is actually an Alan, so there is a bit of Alan in me. Is there any Alan in you? (Motioning around)
Alan: “D’you want some?”

After Peter and Rich reveal that their names mean some sort of rock, Alan goes “How can all these names mean ‘rock’?” To which Stephen, bringing up a great point, says “when human beings first arose, there wasn’t much to name things after!”

In describing Poe, Stephen said that he “embarked on drinking sprees that make Liam Gallagher look like Ned Flanders.”

“He married his thirteen-year-old cousin and he lived a life of drinking”, says Rich on Poe, “so he predicted Jerry Lee Lewis’ career.” Probably the best quote of the night.

Peter trying to say that nothing rhymes with ‘rhyme’, and then everyone else chiming in with words that do, was funny. Rich even chiming in with “ORANGE!” was the kicker.

Peter has another great joke in saying “I didn’t see American History X because I hadn’t seen the first nine.”

It’s interesting that Rich is getting most of the klaxons tonight, as Alan is getting none so far. Man, Rich is having a great night but probably won’t win.

I love Peter’s face when he gets his Klaxon. He’s like ‘HE MADE ME DO IT, MUM! IT’S NOT FAIR! Funny thing is that Peter was probably winning up until that point.

Hell, even JULIA gets a Klaxon tonight, prompting Stephen to go “OHHHHH, SHE’S DONE IT!” Alan has not gotten a single Obviously Wrong Answer. This is fantastic. Is he actually gonna win this one?

I love Alan’s face the second his win is announced. Ten episodes in and he FINALLY wins one. He must have felt triumphant.

Final Thoughts:

Much better showing from all four, giving a nice contrast. Sad part is that this is the last time we’ll be seeing half of this panel, as Peter and Julia only did this one show, and they were both refreshingly fun. Julia was a bit more quiet than Peter, but Julia did have a lot of fun answers. Peter I think was a standard for all future guest stars, and displayed a nice amount of knowledge and humor.

Alan finally got a win this episode, and Rich got the most Klaxons out of everyone. Weird, weird episode. But very funny.

MVP: Alan
Best Guest: Peter in a squeaker, though Rich was close
Show Winner: Alan
Best QI Fact: Edgar Alan Poe


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