QI Watchdown: A9 (Africa)

Onto another night’s worth of QI episodes. Last night was filled with really funny ones. Tonight, we’re starting off with a Jo episode, so…it’ll probably be funny.

Onto the watch:

Maybe I’ve been watching too many of these, but Alan seems to have this universal sneer/open-mouthed-smile whenever Stephen introduces him.

Jeremy’s back, and this is good news- his last two episodes have been hysterical, and he’s capable of a lot of jokes while still not being over-present.

Dave Gorman I do not know, but I admire his beard. I hope he’s not on the panel to supply information rather than tell jokes.

Jo is Jo. We knew that.

The buzzers this episode are a tiny bit more commonplace, yet all connected, except for Alan’s. Jeremy, Jo and Dave have descending bells, and Alan has machine-gun fire.

Stephen has an amusing joke after the buzzers, with “and…I go after the show, if I can wait that long.”

One question in and I already like Dave, in semi-arguing with Stephen about ‘the obvious answer’ of what a Bongo is. He seems very quick.

Jo’s syllogism made me chuckle: “All men have bollocks, and all men talk, so all men talk bollocks.” I also like how Alan didn’t get a single word of Jo’s initial joke.

Alan: “Is there such a thing…as silly-gism?”
Jeremy: “Like a cheap version of Plah-Doh, d’you mean?”
(Jeez, with that phrasing you’d think Phill was making that joke.)

Alan’s anecdote about someone he knew who was visited by the Queen made me laugh in its grossness. Even Stephen winced in pain yet laughed.

Jeremy has a nice, Frankie-esque gag, in saying “Thatcher’s grave is gonna be a permanent¬†urinal to all decent people…” Alan’s joke about putting an arcade machine on her grave was just as dark.

Speaking of disgusting things, the fact that Alan was trying to mask the ‘poo spitting’ question by asking ‘is it pellets?’. Stephen’s replay- ‘yes, it is pellets, but it’s pellets of poo, so there’s no getting away from it.’

Dave: “Are you using the phrase ‘old lady’s cupboards’ in any kind of euphemistic sense?”
Dave is very funny, but isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot. Not exactly at NPC range, but he’s still very funny whenever he shows up.

Jeremy is an early front-runner for quote-maker of the episode.
Alan: “Persia’s in Iraq now, right?”
Stephen: “No, it’s in Iran.”
Jeremy: “Oh, you’re like George Bush, aren’t you?”

Stephen: “Aristotle and Alexander the Great are connected how?”
Alan: “Umbillically.”
Stephen: “No.”
Alan: “They went to the same sculptor.”

I love how one of the biggest arguments of the episode has to do with calling Van Gogh ‘a happy bunny’. May be one of the highlights of a comparatively quiet episode.

Jeremy had another nice gag in representing a snake with a hand puppet. This is a weak episode, but Jeremy is one of the best parts of it. Even funnier is Stephen calling him “Wristy the Snake, ladies and gentlemen…”

More than 20 minutes in, no Klaxon. Either this is a good episode or a boring one.

Stephen starts off GI by reminding everyone that OWAs cost 10 points, even if none have occurred yet, which makes me think that one is probably going to, and it’s probably gonna come from Alan…and lo and behold, it does.

Alan gets another OWA for giving an answer that I probably would have given.
“How do hedgehogs make love?” “Carefully.”

Stephen even gets away with a rather juvenile joke:
Alan: Homo erectus
Stephen: Glad to hear about that, but could you introduce us?

Stephen: Who are the lords of shouting?
Alan and Jo: WE ARE!!!

Glad they squeezed the three Klaxons towards the last round.

Final Thoughts:

Not as funny as the last few, but not without merits. Jeremy and Jo did have a nice day, Jeremy in particular. Dave was quiet but had a couple nice gags, and ended up winning.

MVP: Jeremy
Best Guest: Jo
Show Winner: Dave
Best QI Fact: Poo-spitting.

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