QI Watchdown: B3 (Bombs)

Finally getting around to watching another QI. This one has, in the same panel, three of my favorite guests up to this point: Clive Anderson, Rich Hall and Phill Jupitus. Putting them all in the same show is going to either make one of the funnier editions thus far, or a jumbled dynamic.

Rich is once again wearing a slick poker jacket, rather than the more formal getup he had in B2. Maybe tonight will be more vibrant and vivacious for rich, because B2 was a bit more quiet than I would have liked from him.

It’s always a great episode when Clive’s here, because he’s very quick and very silly, even though he brings across a guise of being serious.

Phill, once again, looks like he’s ready to kill someone. True to form, I guess.

The buzzers tonight are all the ascending Big Ben chimes. Rich figures this out once Clive rings his, and goes, offscreen, “HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!” Alan’s is merely a cuckoo clock. The only problem with this is that Rich’s and Phill’s are, basically, the same sound, so when both of them chime in, it’ll be difficult to tell which one it is.

Stephen starts the episode by asking Alan about the kamikaze squadron in Mexico, almost knowing what the outcome will sound like. Alan, joyfully, yells, in his usual Mexican voice, “KAMIKAZE!” I love how they used this as a callback to the “PINK POLENTA!” from last episode.

Phill takes this joke to the next level “I just imagine a bloke with a big hat riding a donkey into the alamo.” Again, Phill is great at supplementing jokes.

I love how, in describing the Gulf War tactics and the dolphins, Stephen breaks into a perfect Southern American accent. Not quite as funny as his Newcastle accent from last series (‘DEEEA EEEAAGHT!”), but still quite good.

Not sure if this says anything about the show’s quality, but the first three minutes have been all Phill and Alan. Maybe it’s just they get along really, really well, especially after the Christmas episode from last year.

Once again, we see the divide in the show between Rich and the rest of the group. Stephen says it’s poetic justice that the bats ended up blowing up the American base. Rich then goes “I don’t find it poetic. I’m American.”

Rich: “If I’m not mistaken, the Kamikaze pilots, they only gave them enough fuel to go one way, right?”
Alan: “They do that with all planes, don’t they?”
Rich: “…So technically, all airplanes are Kamikaze planes…unless you buy a return ticket.”
You see how well this panel can work with each other, and work off each other’s jokes.

Phill did make me laugh when he did impressions of the Three Stooges in a fighter jet dropping a bomb on Japan.

I love how Alan guesses that the fourth Marx Brother’s name is ‘Who-o’. And that Stephen calls back to it a little later.

Stephen (on Zeppo): And he left the Marx brothers to set up an agency on design…”
Rich: “…called Blammo.”

Phill’s rendition of Scorsese movies with Marx brothers was really funny. “You think I’m funny how? i’m gonna play this fucking harp over here!”

Stephen: “Phill, one for you. What goes ‘woof woof, boom!’
Phill: “Suicide corgi.”
and then, the funnier one
Phill: “The next Norwegian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. ‘My heart goes woof, woof, boom!’
Literally, every response to that was gold. Just, kept getting funnier.

And THEN Rich has another one, with the penguin picture. “Are they gonna use the penguin to blow up the Scotsman?”

When Stephen says that most bagpipers are heard of hearing, Alan brings the gag full circle by going “THAT…IS POETIC JUSTICE!”

I would not have called CLIVE, of all people, getting the first Klaxon of the episode. Especially when the three other contestants rack up a ton of Klaxons on other episodes.

Okay, I don’t get a ton of British references, as an American, but I got this one. Clive finds out the antarctic is named after the ant and the bear, and this turns into a joke about Ant and Dec, “only easier to tell apart”, according to Clive. Stephen has, possibly, the line of the episode, in saying “perhaps easier to tolerate.”

Alan did have a nice gag by demonstrating the polar bear trying to hide his nose, which Clive said was just them checking to see if he had bad breath.

Damn, GI is early in this episode. I’d say that’s a good thing.

“General Ignorance, in which we ask Alan, is this a rhetorical question?”
Alan looks at Stephen for a good seven seconds, and goes “…no.”
Stephen: “…quite right.”

Stephen: “What is a Fu-Go”
Clive: “He is the seventh Marx Brother.”
Again, everybody’s so quick in bringing back gags from earlier in the episode.

Rich is the first one to actual ring his buzzer, and it’s…kind of different from the one we heard earlier. He makes a comment to Stephen, who said that half of America is wasteland, that, adamantly, “IT’S NOT WASTELAND!”

Even funnier is when Rich, looking unamused, slams his buzzer, to say “BIRMINGHAM is a wasteland.”

Alan: ‘Eight-hundred Americans die in a McDonalds every year?”
Rich: “Which one? It’d be best to avoid that one.”
Literally everyone is on fire, but Rich is having a hell of a night.

Phill once again reaffirmed his hero status by saying that Stephen would be like Godzilla in Japan. “You’d be rampaging in downtown Tokyo- BAAAAHHH! BAAAHHHH!” Bringing back his Stephen impression from his last episode, even though it’s technically more of an emphasis on the A.

I love how everyone started relating the boy scouts to Vietnam. Literally, ALL FOUR were in on this joke. Rich started it, Clive kept it going, Alan brought up the helicopter and the Doors, and Phill went “now boys, if you see anybody in black pajamas, you run towards them…” It just kept getting more and more ridiculous.

Phill ended up winning…somehow.

Final Thoughts: Great episode. Four funny people bringing up gag after gag after gag. I was worried the dynamic would be overcrowded, but all four got along really well, and they were all in top form.

MVP: Rich
Best Guest: Phill
Show Winner: Phill
Best QI Fact: The Marx Brothers.


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