QI Watchdown: B6 (Beavers)

I’ve got some time tonight for QI. Especially after the landmark Bears episode (‘Put Smarties Tubes on Cats’ Legs, Make Them Walk Like a Robot’). Tonight’s episode features two very funny recurring guests, and someone I’ve never heard of. Sure to be an interesting one.

Stephen is in a really good mood at the top of the show. People on the Youtube comments thread are thinking he smoked something beforehand.

Anneka Rice is apparently big in Wales, having starred on numerous iterations of something of a game show, Challenge Anneka. She kind of looks horrifying. That teeth- eyes combination is never a good sign.

Tonight’s buzzers are all musical instruments. Anneka’s is a wild lead guitar. Bill Bailey’s is a saxophone. Sean Lock is on drums, and sort of relishes in that one. Alan is only given a single ‘ding-ding’ noise, rather than an instrument.

Bill loves his sax buzzer so much that he presses it again before he answers. Sean even chimes in with the drums. Anneka buzzes in afterward, and just for good measure, Alan ding-dings. These buzzers tonight are so cool, and they’re all having fun with them.

Alan (pointing to the backdrop of The Pope and a beaver): “they really look like little people’s arms.”
Stephen: “That is a person, that’s the Pope there.”

Stephen: “How would you tell a male beaver from a female beaver”
Alan: “The male would have a penis…”
Stephen: (chiming in) “Well yes, but we’re looking for-”
Alan: “And the female would have a beaver.”
I knew the joke was coming, and I have to admit that was a great way to tell it.

Stephen: “If aliens arrived to abduct our most successful inhabitant, where would they look?”
Alan: “Neverland.”
Alan is already on a roll tonight.

Bill has a nice joke about the amoebas: “How many amoebas does it take to change a lightbulb? One. NO- TWO! NO-FOUR! NO- EIGHT!”

Stephen: “It’s a homophone, they do sound the same. …and they hate gay people. No, that’s not it.”
Stephen once again proves himself master of wordplay.

Anneka has one or two funny moments, but is mostly giving information. Sadly, I might add, because the other three are having a grand old time.

Stephen: “What bulges up and down by about 30 centimeters twice a day.”
Sean: “Is it a fat pilot’s ankles?”
Again. Just the absurdism of Sean’s answers is making him one of my favorites.

I did enjoy Stephen trying to explain to Alan how the moon’s gravitational pull works without getting frustrated himself.

SPEAKING OF MOONS…We get the continuation of last series’ Cruithne question (“Why aren’t there any songs about it, like Blue Cruithne of Kentucky, or Cruithne River?” “BECAUSE…IT WAS…DISCOVERED…IN…NINETEEN…NINETY…FUCKING…FOUR!”) Alan, trying to finally get the question right, guesses 2 (the moon, and Cruithne), only for the Klaxon to tell him otherwise.

Stephen: “Yes, Alan, but that was last year. There’ve been three more discovered!”
Alan: “OH FOR…”

Stephen tells Alan that there’s no truth to the myth that people go crazy whenever there’s a full moon. Sean, concerned, asks “then why do I go out killing?” Brilliant.

I think the episode picked up when they started talking about the moon, because now we’re onto GI and it looks like the energy’s risen.

I think Stephen’s “OHHHHHHHHHH” yells get more animated as an episode goes on. Upon Alan’s wrong tennis answer, Stephen has a very loud, very unsurprised, “OOOOOHHHHHH ALAN!”

The entire panel came alive when it came time to guess how many vaginas a kangaroo has. Alan guessed none. Sean guessed eight-hundred. It just got sillier as it went on.

I’d point out that Anneka only got asked something that A.) Had to do with something she was plugging, and B.) Because she’d barely spoken the entire episode.

Okay, I think we have the quote of the episode.
Stephen and the gang are talking about the fact that the clitoris is only used for pleasure, not for any other use.
Anneka: “It’s just there…for decoration.”
Stephen: “In my case of course, that’s true for the penis, too.”
Sean (playfully): “So, Stephen! What you pissin’ through these days?”

The ‘Cesaerian Section’ question was brilliant by the Elves. They didn’t really have an answer planned; to quote Stephen, “we just wanted laughing boy here (Alan) to fall into the trap.” This is the first time the team has deliberately staged a Klaxon. They’ll do this a lot later on (“What, Charles Darwin, you mean?”)

I love how Sean loses most of his points on the ‘put to death’ question, by getting all the Klaxon answers.

Anneka wins, despite not giving a lot of funny answers.

Final Thoughts: Okay episode. Bit of a letdown after Bears, but it picked up a lot of steam thanks to the reappearance of Cruithne. Sean, Bill and Alan were all in top form. Anneka was a nice addition, even if she wasn’t the funniest.

MVP: Sean
Best Guest: Sean
Show Winner: Anneka
Losers of the Week: Sean and Alan, for tying for last with 18.
Best QI Fact: 5 Moons.

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