QI Watchdown: C4 (Cheating)

The name of this episode is ‘Cheating’. It would have been better suited for last episode if you ask me, but that’s besides the point.

This episode features two people that I’d rather do without, John Sessions and Jeremy Clarkson, and one person that may in fact save this episode from being another crappy one.

Alexander Armstrong I know from Space Cadets. He was on there with Ben Miller, his comedy partner at the time, and I remember him being very funny there. I don’t remember a ton about his style of humor, but I have faith that he’s gonna put on a good showing tonight.

Okay, not even one second in and I already love Alexander. He hears a whistle from the audience, and a single eyebrow lifts in that direction. Just the charm he has is amusing enough.

John Sessions’ hair dye is a tad bit more potent than it was last season.

Jeremy’s buzzer seems to amuse him, as it’s a rocket that doesn’t seem to go off. His eyes follow the rocket, half expecting it to go ‘boom’. It doesn’t. Stephen passes it over to Alexander, and by that point Jeremy’s explosion has JUUUUST occurred. Alexander’s is an animal roar which he plays a few times after the explosion, so the audience can hear it. John’s is the return of ‘FRUITY’, which Alan had last season, and he seems rather pleased by it. Alan’s is a cuckoo clock that ends in gunfire. Very weird buzzers tonight.

Okay, this is a very inspired runner that Stephen establishes, that reminds me of the letter-board from last season (“JO’S GOT QUIM!”) Stephen gives everyone a chalkboard and expects all four to keep their own scores. Alan immediately writes 100 on his board. Stephen, already cracking, says ‘you see, I told the producer there was a flaw in this system.” Even funnier is the cut over to Jeremy, who’s written ‘1,000,000’ on his, and stares at the camera blank faced.

Stephen says that he’s gonna deduct points for how far off people are, and award 100 to anyone who’s spot on. Now Jeremy changes his board to say ‘I Like Stephen’. And for the first time, I’m actually enjoying Jeremy Clarkson.

Alan gave me a nice visual of a car on the Olympic podium, and the guy’s sitting in the car, waving to the crowd.

Alan once again brings out his Mexican accent, this time as the Cuban mailman who got 5th in that marathon. “I HAVE A LET-TAH FOR YOOOUU!”

Stephen: “In 1900, there was a sport where Great Britain won a gold medal, but the only other country that competed was France. What was it?”
John: “Arrogance?”

Funny thing is John and Jeremy are behaving in this one. Alexander hasn’t said all that much, sadly.

I love how Stephen tests Jeremy in a question about vehicle speed, he gets it right, and Stephen yells “OOOHHH! GOOD, ISN’T HE???”

Okay, great visual moment. Alan gets a question right, and goes to his board. Alan goes to Stephen, ‘okay, how many did I get?”. Stephen goes “how many do you think you deserve?” And then Alan looks back up, frightened almost. Not too many people caught it, but I laughed hard. It’s like Alan has no idea what to do with all that power.

Jeremy: ‘I bet I’m the only person here that grows their own parsnips.’
Alan: ‘Is that a euphemism?”

Another great Alan moment. On the ‘first creature in space’ question, Alan hears John say dog, but the Klaxon guys are too busy buzzing out Alexander for ‘monkey’. So once they’re done, Alan starts pointing to John, going “HE SAID DOG!” until they finally buzz him for that.

Stephen: “What’s interesting about the sperm of the fruit fly?”
Alexander: “Smells of guava.”

Okay, the funniest part of that fly sperm fact was Alan trying to mime a fruit fly ejaculating, and it being more like an Alien chestburster.

Alan has a great moment with wordplay, saying that the womb is a cell in the body, and Stephen chastises him for that. Alan does say ‘well, it can be seen as a cell, you know, for nine months’, giving the other meaning to cell.

Alan complains he’s lost 20 points, and Stephen, to make up for it, asks him to name something made by the swiss. Alan guesses the cuckoo clock, and Stephen yells “OH, DEAR!” as the Klaxon goes off.

Alan takes over the last half of the episode by trying to get little points by pointing out things. He keeps saying that the guillotine was last used in 1960, and even if it’s wrong, he writes it down.

Stephen: “Now, if anyone was spot on the money, what did I say would happen?”
Alan (lisping): “They’d have…thex…”

I love that Alexander manages to get his right, and ends up winning the whole thing. Because I couldn’t take another John victory.

Overall Thoughts: Decent episode. A lot better than I thought. Jeremy did some of the heavy lifting here, and seemed to be in a better mood than last time. John and Alexander had some nice showings, but Alan did have a very nice night, in terms of jokes.

MVP: Alan
Best Guest: Jeremy
Show Winner: Alexander
Best QI Fact: Fruit Fly Sperm

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