QI Watchdown: C8 (Corby)

Oh, MAN are we in for a good one.

I couldn’t have casted a more perfect episode m’self. Not only do we have two of my favorite recurring guests thus far, Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey, but we have the debut of someone who’ll no doubt eventually become one of my favorite recurring guests, in David Mitchell. So, all around, cast-wise, it’s gonna be fun.

I’d like to point out that Phill tonight is wearing a Fenway Park sweatshirt. Fenway Park, for those not in the know (read: Brits) is the home stadium of the Boston Red Sox. My least favorite baseball team. Mild deduction for Phill.

As the episode’s China-themed, all the buzzers sort of reflect that. Phill’s is a majestic gong, but it rings a second time and catches him off guard. Bill’s is a high-pitched chinese song, which cracks him up. Alan’s is, I don’t know what it is, but it’s supposed to be racist and pathetic I think.

I love Phill’s reaction to getting the first Klaxon of the episode. He yells repeatedly in pain as if he’s just been stabbed.

Bill motioning how to make a panini on a trouser press amused me. I dunno how he does it. He just has the oddest ways to look at commonplace things. Even better is Phill set him up.

Still backtracking on the Corby question, Alan guesses ‘crisps’. Stephen says “funny you should say crisps. They weren’t invented there-“. Alan interrupts him and says, plainly, “but they were eaten there.”

David brings up a good point about the Corby thing, when Stephen brings up that the railway will be built in 2010. “Surely, that’ll mean Corby will lose its one claim to fame. It’s just crisps and the no station.”

On the ‘porridge and Corby’ question.
Phill: “That would be definite evidence for life on Mars, if you went and found a bowl of porridge.”
Bill: “…and three bears.”

Phill: “Could it be the Scottish space program? WE’RE SENDIN’ PORRIDGE TA MARS!”
Dear God, everybody’s on a roll tonight.

The most random moment of the episode. Stephen commands Alan to open his desk, and Alan pulls out an Alan Davies Mr. Potato Head. It’s random, and isn’t really mentioned again.

Bill has a great reaction when asked what citizens of a chinese city build their houses out of. First, he stops and waits for his buzzer to end. He then says, concerned, “I dunno, is it dinosaur eggs?” Stephen enjoys this, and says “I’m almost inclined to tear up the real answer and say yes.

Phill, hard to believe, has an even funnier answer, because he precedes it with an “OOH! OOH!” He guesses “Bootlegged Coldplay CD’s!”

I love how at the mention of the Thomas Crapper question, all four guys wince and go “eeeerrrrgghhh…”, not really wanting to guess, or probably, not wanting to say the obvious answer. It’s very amusing.

David eventually guesses the obvious one, that he invented the flush lavatory, and of course, he’s wrong. I didn’t think David Mitchell would be able to get a klaxon.

The confusion of everyone at the mention of umami is very nice. Even Phill guesses that it’s just people’s reaction to it. “OOOOOOOOOH MAMMMI!”

Phill on Marco Polo. “A lot of people thought he was Dalmatian. Turns out he’s Irish. Marc O’Polo. HULLO!”

Phill saying that Stephen would go into a pub in disguise, going “OH, BLIMEY.” as Stephen was excellent. Bill pushed it further by saying “he’ll give it away by swearing in Latin.”

Great moment on the ‘Chinese businessmen’ question. Bill guesses ‘trouser press’ under his breath as Stephen and Alan are arguing. The Elves hear it, as the Klaxon goes off, which gets Stephen’s attention. He knows somebody said it, but he doesn’t know who. So he’s literally pointing at everyone, and figures out it was Bill, speaking into his hand.

Phill does a great impression of a mercenary wearing a cravat.

Also, Bill is very quick to make fun of Stephen resorting to do a french accent to imitate a French person. He goes, “Oh, so they don’t even speak their own language?”

Bill: “A, uh, prudish person might place them under the legs of a coffee table?”

And now, courtesy of David Mitchell, the quote of the episode:
Stephen: “It does seem unlikely that slipping on a pair of tights is gonna dissolve a fat ass.”
David: “It can stop your leg going to sleep…”

I think this is the first time the QI Elves are mentioned in name, as they correct a fact just as Stephen is saying “I’m gonna take it up with them.”

Wow, funny how the Brits are so disillusioned by the phrase ‘John Hancock’ for a signature. It’s pretty common over here. Phill does do a great bit about the actual meaning, doing a way over the top signature by yelling “JOHN…HANCOCK!”

I love how David Mitchell ends up winning with 0. That takes skill.

Overall: Very, very nice episode. The cast didn’t disappoint. I’ll say that it was missing a singular, solitary amazing moment, but there were a lot of laughs, and a lot of teamwork, which this kind of group is excellent at. David had an excellent debut, being a bit quiet but still giving a ton of excellent answers.

MVP: Phill
Best Guest: Bill
Show Winner: David
Best QI Fact: Porridge on Mars.

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