QI Watchdown: D1 (Danger)

Yeah, not too long after finishing up C, I’m onto watching Series D, which, as I’ve been told, is where some of the momentum picks up. Tonight’s episode features three strong, trustworthy panelists in Jimmy Carr, Jo Brand and Sean Lock. Also, Series D is the one where Alan begins to grow his hair out a bit, if I recall correctly.

Jo, as it happens, has gone back to the habit of excessive hair dye.

Yes, Alan has gone the way of the longer hair for this (and I think next) series, and I think it works for him. Sort of suits his lack of sanity.

The alarms are all supposed to be danger-related. Sean’s is a growling lion.Jimmy’s is a high-pitched scream, which rather puts him off. Jo’s is a ‘vehicle reversing’ bulletin. Alan’s is simply a mosquito.

Stephen: “There is a 1 in 48-million risk of being burned to death while you sleep.”
Jimmy: “Wouldn’t that wake you up? How heavy a sleeper would you have to be?”
Jo: “You could be quite pissed, couldn’t you…”

Stephen: ‘What is three times more dangerous than war?”
Jimmy (channeling Rich Hall): “Three wars.”

I love how once Stephen says the fact, that there’s more of a likelihood of dying at work than at war, Sean and Alan start trying to find loopholes, like ‘what if they work as a soldier?’ or ‘what if they work near a battlefield?’

Jimmy: “I heard that a third of all accidents at work go unreported….how do they know?”

Stephen then says the fact about lumberjacking being pretty dangerous, and both Jo and Jimmy reference the Lumberjack Song. I love how common Python references are.

Stephen: “What was the most lethal military stratagem ever devised?”
Jo: “Was it Hannibal’s first crack at the Alps using chihuahuas?”
Okay, with a line like that, how can you say that Jo’s not funny. She tries!

Jimmy’s reaction to the story about the guillotined officials who bit each other’s heads afterwards: “That’s holding a grudge, isn’t it? For all intents and purposes, YOU’RE DEAD! LET IT GO!”
Stephen just looks at him and goes, “they were French”, as if it’s supposed to make sense now.

Jimmy is having a career night tonight. Him trying to guess the most dangerous sport and country was fantastic. “Contemporary dancing in Scotland. No? Hopscotch in Afghanistan. No?”

Stephen: “The idea behind extreme kite-flying, is, you have to sever your competitors'”
Alan (confused): Head?

Stephen: “Name the world’s most dangerous manager.”
Jo: “It’s not Dave the Decapitator, who’s head of Psychos R Us in Catford, then?”

Stephen manages to misread the card. He reads one as ‘he died in a bed of diabetes’, when in reality, it was ‘he died in bed, of diabetes’. The first one gives a much funnier visual.

And then Stephen makes a SECOND screw-up, saying to a correct Sean, “I’m gonna give you the money- NO! POINTS! I’m gonna give you the points!” Sean now starts pleading, “NO, I WANT THE MONEY!”

Alan takes the cake for the darkest joke of the episode, in regard to bungee jumping. He says they can take the coffin with them, and mimes them going in and out of the grave. Oh my gosh.

There’s not a lot of hope for the rest of this one, but Sean damn near saves it with the corral of children pushing a loom downstairs, saying “we’re making Stephen’s pants!” Reminds me of the forthcoming Phill bit about the nubile slave boys.

Stephen: “And why do you think a lot of [the San Francisco] fires came about?”
Alan (taking him literally): “Flame.”

Holy Crap, Jo won! I did not expect this!

Overall: A fairly blah show. Not a lot happened, not a lot of consistency. Sean and Jimmy had some nice moments, but it wasn’t very cohesive.

MVP: Jimmy
Best Guest: Jimmy
Show Winner: Jo
Best QI Fact: The tightrope walker carrying his agent.

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