QI Watchdown: D2 (Discoveries)

This is a bit of a bittersweet episode tonight, as it is our final of three Arthur Smith episodes, and it’ll be sad to see him go. However, this is the first of four Vic Reeves episodes, and he’s said to be a pretty nice presence in this stretch of QI. Plus, as an added bonus, Clive’s here, and he’ll definitely bring a nice outing.

Arthur’s dressed down a bit this episode, and looks a bit older than the last time, yet i’m still very happy to see him back.

Vic Reeves…I can’t say I’ve heard his humor, but I’m told he’s a similar specimen to Arthur in terms of cerebral humorists. I mean, apparently he’s funny, but he evidently knows a lot, as he wins all four shows he competes in. So, hopefully, he’s funny as well as interesting.

Alan is introduced, following everyone fitted with chip ranks, as ‘Alan, the ship’s cat.”

All four buzzers are nautical themed. Clive’s is an ‘all hands on deck’ PO message, which seems to crack him up. Arthur’s is a foghorn; he does the right thing and says ‘sorry’. Vic is immediately depressed, as he wanted Arthur’s, and his music doesn’t make him happy. He also refers to his rank, saying ‘And I wanted to be a cockson’. To which Stephen goes ‘don’t call me son’.

Alan’s is a mew of, well, the ship’s cat.

The runner this episode is a bit confusing. Each of the four is given a patent for an object, from America. Vic’s involves a hairpiece, Clive’s involves a bra, Arthur’s involves a toilet, and Alan’s involves a stocking. Not exactly sure what this means, but they need to figure out what the patent is for by the end of the show.

A taste of Vic’s humor: “I remember it raining, one Saturday…” Sort of absurdist. Very clever.

On the question involving saccharine and the rings around uranus, Arthur goes ‘sounds like a nice night out’

Of course Alan is the one to be juvenile and push the ‘rings around uranus’ bit. He asks ‘when were the rings around Uranus discovered? Quite recently, you’d think…”

I do applaude Stephen for pronouncing Uranus the right way, in an attempt to get away from the juvenile ‘your anus’ joke. But he still falls into it.

They begin to talk about the things that were discovered by accident. Vic suggests ‘trousers. When someone accidentally fell into two drain pipes. AND PRESTO!” Man, I’m really impressed by his stuff tonight.

Great Moments in Brilliant Klaxon Planning
Stephen: “Who suffered from Shagger’s disease”
Arthur (a la Eric Idle): “I DID, KNOW WHAT I MEAN?”
(Klaxon goes off)
The second he realizes he’s got a klaxon, he raises his arms and calls for a cab. Gotta love Arthur. Sucks he’s not gonna be on the show after this one.

When it’s revealed that Charles Darwin had Shagger’s Disease, Clive asks ‘did he get it off the beagle?’, meaning the boat, but the way he says it…oh…it sounds so wrong.

Clive has a mild yet still funny joke, after Arthur describes a meal involving the beating heart of a snake, and drinking its blood. Clive goes ‘actually, I ordered the lasagna…”

Vic has another nice gag, when, of the sentence that Stephen displays on the board, and asks ‘what’s quite interesting’, he says ‘they’re all in different colors!”

So, they’ve already got one of the books this explorer guy influenced, Robinson Crusoe, and they need the other one. Alan, being Alan, guesses ‘Peter Rabbit’. Stephen’s reaction is pretty nice.

Vic, at this point, gets 20 points for being quite interesting. Now, the difference between him and someone like, oh, Rory McGrath or John Sessions, is that Vic doesn’t go out of his way to spew information. Stephen will ask a question, and Vic will say ‘this reminds me of something fascinating I do know’. Also, Vic does make his excessive knowledge interesting, rather than Rory, who makes it…excessive.

More pros for Vic: He’s ridiculously funny. When talking about Leotard, and his three inventions, they mention the somersaults, and the leotard, and then Vic goes ‘he also intended hummus. He discovered it while taking off his leotard.”

Stephen: “Name something quite interesting that kangaroos can’t do.”
Alan: “They can’t drive.”

Clive has the line of the episode, in being asked how they found out that kangaroos can’t fart. He says, in an Australian accent, “WE’VE BEEN IN THERE FOR 200 YEARS, AND NOT ONE OF THOSE DAMN KANGAROOS HAS FAAHTED!”

On the musical bottom:
Vic: “And the tune that it played when she sat down, was, Arthur?”
Arthur (confused): “We Are Not Amused?”
Vic: ‘No, what I mean, Arthur, was press yours!”

Visual of the episode: Alan wiping his ass with a dog.

And now, a joke I saw coming for the whole episode. Arthur, saddled with the toupee patent, says ‘yes, I remember Clive Anderson in his thirties…”

Stephen says that Vic’s is a ‘toilet snorkel’, which can be used as a breathing device in the event of a fire. Clive’s line is the best: “So…your last moments…before the fire burns your backside off…are spent sucking in lavatory air?”

It’s not shocking that Vic gets first. It IS shocking that Alan gets 2nd. Like, who would have called that? Even Stephen’s shocked.

Overall: A very nice episode, especially after the bore that was Danger. Vic was a refreshing addition to the repertoire company, and Clive and Arthur gave great performances. I’d say this was an episode I’d watch again, even if it’s got some slow moments.

MVP: Vic
Best Guest: Arthur
Show Winner: Vic
Best QI Fact: Shagger’s disease.


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