QI Watchdown: D6 (Drinks)

This season has definitely hit its stride, thanks to a string of awesome episodes, and some nice appearances by Sean, Phill, and Andy Parsons. Tonight, we have a roster good enough to keep the momentum going, yet I fear the presence of John “I know everything” Sessions amongst two of my favorites, Jimmy Carr and Phill Jupitus. So it could go either way.

Tonight’s episode carries the ‘dressing up the set’ theme from last episode, as there are some alcohol-related props in the background tonight.

Stephen introduces the panelists with drink-related descriptions. John Sessions, who has FINALLY returned to not dying his hair brown, is “a small, dry white one.” Phill is simply “a large one”, which he shrugs, as he can deal with it. Jimmy is introduced as “is this your Carr, sir?”, which he gets. Alan, of course, gets “the usual.”

Probably the most notorious buzzer gag thus far. All four get bells, except for Alan, who has to press his a few times in order to reveal his as the music from the old Panama cigar ads pops up. Very, very clever.

Stephen: “What should you do if a bird knocks over your dominoes?”
Alan: “This actually happened.”
Stephen (expecting a story): “Oh, then do tell…”
Alan: “No, a bird came in and knocked over some dominoes…”

I find it very odd that Phill and John are getting along on this panel, and Jimmy’s not said a word yet. Very strange show so far.

Stephen: “What begins with ‘d’, and is something you always see the players doing in a darts match?”
John: ‘dangly-wrist’.
Again, he can be a bit pedantic, but occasionally he’s funny.

Jimmy responds to the ‘dangly wrist’ thing by going ‘what kind of pubs have you been playing darts in?’

The darts question leads to a clip from ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’. Man, if only Rich Hall was in the building.

Stephen: “You’re not allowed to wear a hat in darts, unless you are…”
Jimmy: “A bishop.”

John: “But is a sikh a hat?” (Confusing a sikh for a turban)
Stephen: No…I can see you’ve been trying to wear sikhs, haven’t you?”
Phill: “Read more about this phenomenon in ‘The Man who turned an Eastern Religion into a Hat'”

Phill, after hearing the long list of famous people who have something in common, yells “DARTS FANS!”

Alan has a great way of saying something commonplace, and punctuating it with something wild and ridiculous. He talks of having absinthe, in a bar, made in a spoon. Lets a breath go buy. Then says ‘it was tranny night’. Stephen tries to go on, but has to look at Alan and try not to crack up.

Stephen: “Are you familiar with the phrase ‘The Great Binge’?”
Alan: “My fortieth birthday.”

Jimmy says that Heroin is a brand name.
Stephen: “D’you know who held it?”
Jimmy (taking a stab in the dark): “The, uh, heroin company.”

Stephen asks what a Vomit Comet is, and for the first time in quite awhile, I know exactly what the answer is. I feel really good about myself.

Alan: ‘When you’re in space, and you vomit out the window’
Stephen: ‘you started out so well…”

Another episode of ‘How on earth could the Elves know this was coming’
Phill, after the ‘Great Stink’, says “I’d love to be there in Parliament that day. “And I put it to the honorable members…that he who smelt it…dealt it…”
And then, as if on cue, the klaxon goes off, leaving Phill in awe.

Second episode in a row where they open it up to the audience. Don’t know if they’re gonna win this time, though.

Jimmy, who’s had a lot of stealth lines this episode, has probably the one of the episode: “The thing about banning invisible ink…very difficult to follow through with..”

Jimmy does own the distinction of carrying on the running gag, of the dangly-wrist, which Stephen thought was a gay slur (“Jimmy, it’s 2006!”), and he keeps bringing it back. Stephen says that campanology was banned, and Jimmy forgets what that was. Stephen reminds him, and Jimmy,dangly-wristed, goes “I thought it was this again.”

Stephen: “What’s the single largest man-made structure on the face of the planet.”
Jimmy: “Blue whale.”
That is a sign the show’s been on long enough. They know their own trademarks.

Interesting that Jimmy’s flat out dominated the second half of the show after being quiet for most of the first half. I didn’t see that coming.

Alan has a huge win this episode, which is inexplicable and well deserved.

Overall: Good episode, albeit uneven. Had some really nice jokes, but some quiet moments. Jimmy and Phill commanded different portions of the episode, and Alan had a good night as well. John didn’t do too much, but he was alright.

MVP: Jimmy
Best Guest: Phill
Show Winner: Alan
QI Fact: The Great Stink.


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