QI Watchdown: E2 (Electricity)

For some reason, in Series E, QI didn’t especially add in a ton of new blood, with two exceptions (one of which is up next, and it’s one I am not looking forward to). Most of the episodes this series are just different combinations of the regulars/semi-regulars we’ve seen already. Last episode was a Jimmy-Bill-Rob one. Tonight’s is a Jo-Sean-Rich one. These players will be the ones that will keep showing up, with the emphasis on Jimmy, Bill, Sean and Jo (and Phill Jupitus, who shows up next episode). And it’s just them and other people who’ve appeared before, different combinations, which i think i like.

Nevertheless, tonight features Sean and Rich, who I adore, and Jo, who has grown on me in recent episodes.

The buzzers are electricity themed. Highlights- Rich’s is a Frankenstein-esque cackling mad voice going “HE’S ALIVE!!”. He looks at Stephen, confused. And Alan’s just turns off all the power in the studio.

Stephen Fucks with Alan: Round One:
Stephen: “Anyway, the atmosphere is already, um…um…”
Alan: “Electric.”

Stephen: “Question #1- I’m naked…”
(Alan looks under the table.)

Stephen: “I’m naked, it’s raining. Can you give me a good reason to crouch down with my bottom in the air?”
Jo: “Stephen, I wouldn’t have thought you’d need a good reason…”

Stephen: ‘And what happens when a tree gets struck by lighting.”
Alan: ‘There’s a big flash, a lot of flame-”
Sean: “All the squirrels fall on your head, knock you out…’

Stephen: “The best thing to do would be to get into you car.”
Alan: “And drive…away from the rain?”

Stephen: ‘Do you have wire in bras?”
(Jo looks confusedly towards the audience, as if to say ‘did he really just ask me that?’

(After a conversation about wire in bras)
Stephen: “You’re doing a good job of it. Very, uh, fulsome pair of fun bags there, don’t you-”
Jo: “D’you know what? That was almost heterosexual.”

And then Sean brings the gag full circle- “I’d like to hear you whisper that when you’re bent over naked in the rain.”

Alan tells a story about a friend of his who was hit by a manhole cover that was struck by lightning. Stephen, who is filterless tonight, goes ‘instead of being hit my a manhole, he should have been *showing* his manhole…”

Stephen: “How often, on average, does lightning strike the earth?”
Jo: “Four.”
Stephen: “Okay, we’ve got four. I can tell you that it’s more than four times.”
Jo, shrugging: “five.”

Stephen: ‘it’s between three and six, actually. it’s not very many.”
Alan, in full smartass mode, “FOUR OR FIVE.”

Stephen, on the man who was struck 7 times by lighting: “His name was Roy Sullivan.”
Rich: “That’s not what they called him, though.”
Stephen: “No?”
Rich: “They called him Bernie.”

All four are having a field day. Which is astounding, as last episode had a totally-on panel, and so does this one.

I love how Stephen starts a ‘don’t try this at home disclaimer’, and ends up ending it with ‘LIVE YOUR OWN LIVES!’ Alan even chimes in with “SHAG HORSES!”

Stephen: “What’s the difference between a ship and a boat?”
Jo: “Has a ship got curtains?”

Rich has a callback to Series B, when, out of nowhere, he goes “I’ll tell ya something else, there’s not two moons.” Just to diffuse the situation.

Great moment with Stephen, he goes ‘D’you know what they call a mobile phone in German? MEIN HANDY! WHERE IST MEIN HANDY!”
Alan even goes “Are you hosting the BAFTAs this year? Because I think you should do it in that voice.”

For whatever reason, the latter half of this show was very disappointing, other than Stephen and Jo doing the ‘MEIN HANDY’ running gag. I don’t know what happened. I do think that Rich pulling the lasagna out from the desk to say ‘this was MY lunch with a producer’ was funny, as well as his answers to the 911 on Christmas one. But on the whole, it couldn’t get off the ground like the first half could.

Jo actually wins one. What a surprise.

Overall: Great start, horrible ending. A lot of good runners, including the sexy horse and MEIN HANDY, but the consistency was definitely off. Great panel, though. Jo had the show of her career. Sean and Rich were pretty nice too.

Best Guest: Sean
Show Winner: Jo
Best QI Fact: Standing with ass-up in the rain.


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