QI Watchdown: E7 (Espionage)

Tonight’s episode is sadly Vic Reeves’ last one, but thankfully has two panelists that can supplement any amount of talent, Clive Anderson and Jo Brand. Plus, this is another ‘dress-up’ theme, as all the panelists are in trench coats and mustaches.

Plus, when Stephen announces the panelists, all four are represented by disguised decoys in the audience. So, so far, pretty cool way to get into the theme.

The buzzers are all spy-related themes. Jo’s is ‘Mission Impossible.’ Clive’s is ‘Peter Gunn.’ Vic’s, much to his amusement, is ‘Inspector Gadget’. And Alan’s is just a kid going ‘I spy with my little eye…”

Stephen: “Do you know how to beat a lie-detector?”
Jo: “A spot of gentle masturbation?”

The whole conversation about clenching the anal sphincter to avoid the lie detector was hysterical, because it was just Clive fooling around with it, even saying ‘because I’m in that position just when i do this show, waiting for the next answer.’ Alan even raises his toy periscope and goes ‘HAS HE RAISED HIS SPHINCTER??’

When Stephen says that you can expose a female spy by waiting for her to give birth, Jo says “it’s not terribly efficient, time-wise.’ And then Clive goes “WE NEED TO KNOW WHERE THE BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED!’ ‘Just a minute sir, I’ll get it out of her…uhh…maybe not…”

Stephen: [Muller] walked out of a bunker, and was never seen or heard from again.”

Stephen, describing dead bodies: “The hair, which never goes away-”
Clive: “ha, that’s what you think!”

Stephen describing the irony that the man who discovered the invisible ink qualities of semen was Mansfield Smith-Cumming.
Alan: “My name is Cumming. Manfield Smith-Cumming.”

Stephen: “What would happen to your fingerprints if you worked in a Pineapple factory?”
Clive: “The pineapple is the only fruit to have fingerprints.”
The look Stephen gives Clive is priceless.

Stephen: “There was a period of time where all the cables on a lift in the Empire State Building had been sheared off. D’you know why that is?”
Clive: “There was a huge ape…on the outside!”

(On which country has the most tornadoes)
Alan: “You’ve got to give us a hint!”
Stephen: “Fine. We’re in it.”
Alan: “EUROPE!”
Stephen: “NO!!”

Vic has got to be one of the few contestants to play a bunch of times and win every single one of them.

Overall: An okay episode. Good theme, a few good moments, but very thin on greatness.

MVP: Clive
Best Guest: Jo
Show Winners: Clive and Vic
Best QI Fact: Semen Invisible Ink


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