QI Watchdown: Entertainment (Children in Need Special)

It’s been a while, but I’m FINALLY getting around to another QI review. This one does indeed look promising, as it’s another CIN special, and it features Bill, Jo, and Jeremy Clarkson, which is a bit more of a safe combination than throwing Jonathan Ross in there. Plus, this one has a vague enough theme that it might lead to some good stuff.

Like last season’s, Alan has been replaced by Puddsey Bear for the first few seconds of this episode.

The buzzers are all ‘entertainment’ themed. Jeremy’s is Robbie Williams singing ‘Let Me Entertain You’, which cracks him up. Bill’s is Scott Joplin’s ‘The Entertainer’, which he shrugs off. Jo’s is possibly the funniest one of all, as they play the stripper music, and she rolls her eyes and muzzes around. And they keep playing it, waiting for Jo to take something off. She just has this awkward cough waiting for the music to stop, before she rolls her eyes, goes ‘OH ALRIGHT’, and unsnaps her jacket.

Alan eventually wanders onstage in an elephant head, after hiding in the audience, and takes Puddsey’s place on the panel.

Stephen’s first question involves the owner of two flattened shoes. Jo guesses “did he have to really fat kids who used to sit on his shoes and watch telly?”

Stephen (needling): “He was very short.”
Jo: “Little Tommy Twat?”

After completely butchering the first question, Alan grabs the elephant head and announces “I’m going back in here…”

Stephen tries to make a point about this short gentleman, saying that in 200 years, “when the names Stephen Fry and Jeremy Clarkson mean absolutely nothing-” And then everyone cuts him off. Bill, with a great line, goes “we are now approaching Stephen Fry International Airport…”

Stephen eventually shows a clip of this small French gentleman gliding around on his leaning shoes. Jeremy, within a second, goes “Jesus, it’s Rowan Atkinson…”

After this goes on for a few seconds, Jo goes “the audience has gone into a coma.”

Stephen: ‘He’s funnier than I’ll ever be, and he’s funnier than any of you will ever be-”
Jo: “Stephen, he’s not funny.”
Jeremy: “He just had some stupid shoes!!”
Bill: “Actually, on the tape, he was doing some brilliant stand-up.”

Stephen: “What did Roland the Farter do for a living?”
Bill: “He was a sniper. He was terrible at it. “Alright, I’ve got ‘im in my sight- frrt- aw, I’ve rumbled, I’ve lost him again…”

The way Jeremy wins the Elephant in the Room question is very funny. For the ballet question, they are given the hint that it involves the wrong kind of animal. So Jeremy starts listing: ‘elephants, lions, tigers’, and Stephen stops him. It takes him a split second to realize which one was correct, and then race to throw his elephant card up in the air. It’s very fascinating to watch.

Great Bill moment. Stephen and Jeremy are talking about the unfair treatment of ballet dancers, and Bill goes “they probably keep them in pits. STAY DOWN THERE!” And Bill does this great impression of a horrified, crouched ballet dancer.

Jo (on her back-screen photo of her as a businessman): “I look thin and attractive there.”
Stephen: “You’re always attractive, Jo.”
Jo: “But not thin…”

Jeremy’s website is the funnier of the four, as it’s supposed to be therapist-finder, but it comes off as the-rapist-finder. Alan says “well, that’s an unfortunate mistake.” Stephen jokingly goes “dammit, I’ve lost my rapist…”

Alan’s is possibly funnier, as it’s meant to be Pen-Island, but is read like Penisland. Jo even says “Is Penisland smaller than it is on the map?”

Old ass joke, but still funny:
Stephen: What do you call the biggest squid in the world?
Jeremy: ‘Brian.”

Very slow GI period. I’ll say that. This episode has a lot of dry spots, sadly.

Jeremy ends up winning, which is nice, I guess.

Overall: Good, if not spectacular, episode. Has some nice moments, some good chemistry. Hard to pick a favorite, but I might end up going with Bill, as he had some very funny moments this time around.

MVP: Bill
Best Guest: Bill
Show Winner: Jeremy
Best QI Fact: Roland the Farter


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