QI Watchdown: E11 (Endings), or The One With The Never-Ending Buzzer

This season has been one of the more consistent ones, with a lot less completely dead panels, and a lot less insufferable contestants (yeah, Johnny Vegas wasn’t entirely insufferable). We’re down to the second-to-last one of the season, featuring two can’t-miss panelists, Jimmy Carr and Dara O’Briain, and one panelist we haven’t seen since she flirted with shoving a deep-fried curly-wurly in her mouth, which would be the lovely Doon Mackichan. So, we’ve got a good enough panel, and a vague enough topic (Endings), so I’ll say this looks like a fitting penultimate episode of E.

Jimmy’s buzzer is, presumably, the drop of a guillotine, which seems to disturb even him. Doon’s is a more commonplace ending, which is just the end of a fiddle-laden song, which seems to confuse her.

However, what may in fact be the greatest buzzer of all time occurs when Alan buzzes his. It is a thirty-five second long piano ending, by Dudley Moore, which keeps going on and on, without end, confusing everyone in the panel, especially Alan, and bewildering everyone. About three times when Stephen thinks it’s going to stop, it keeps going and flusters him. Once it finally finishes, the audience applauds, as they should.

The first, or as Stephen says, final, question is about the last words of an admiral, and his picture is shown as a man with a very big beard. Alan, of course, goes “he hasn’t got a mouth, so there weren’t any words at all…”

Stephen asks about a war that might have been going on, and Alan names about five or six that are wrong. Jimmy eventually guesses the American Civil War, and Alan, jokingly, presses his buzzer to say the same answer. Trouble is this is the episode of the never ending buzzer, so the second he buzzes in, Stephen goes “NO! GOD NO! YOU BASTARD!” and gets the tech booth guys to cut it off.

Jimmy has a good point about final words, saying “I think they lie, a lot of the time, because it’s always something incredibly witty. Whereas, in fact, I imagine they said that four days before they died, and the last thing they said was “NURSE! NURSE, IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, I’M SCARED!”

Stephen: “What did the S. (of Ulysses S. Grant) stand for?”
Alan: “Sausage.”

Alan ends up mentioning a bunch of random first names that start with S, ending in ‘Spanky’. Dara even guesses ‘Sugartits.’

Dara has some great stuff with the ‘cat in the box in a parachute’ question. He goes “why don’t you fire them at the border with a cannon. At least their natural landing instinct would kick in.”

Stephen: “What finally finished off the elderly in Great Yarmouth in 1960?”
Dara holds up his elephant card: “Please tell me…”
Jimmy: “What a world it would be…”
Dara: “It’d be great. Once a year, just releasing an elephant into the streets of Great Yarmouth?” And cello-tape peanuts to the old?”

Stephen: “What is pink, has pendulous breasts, gets sailors all excited and tastes of prime beef.”
Jimmy: “Was Princess Margaret buried at sea?”

Wow, Doon gets a deduction for guessing Gladys Elton, the octogenarian elder-killing stripper from the last question. Funny, as I would have guessed her too.

There’s a conversation about whether people get more susceptible to static electricity as they grow older, and that it might be they get electricity when they see ‘that special someone’. Jimmy even goes “sometimes, if I meet an attractive woman, I will taser her.”

Stephen asks for the name of the island in the arctic where those men were stranded. Jimmy guesses “is it the island of reluctant but inevitable homosexuality?” And then he keeps it going. “I think it’s that one…I think I recognize it…from a school trip that went HORRIBLY wrong…”
Stephen, with the pun of the episode, replies “Lord of the Undone Flies…”

Stephen: “What quite interesting object is found at the end of the earth?”
Jimmy: “Telford Town Centre. Though I’d argue about the ‘interesting’ bit.”

Stephen mentions the expedition to the most southern part of the world, where all there is is a statue of Lenin. He also says there’s someone in the audience who was a part of that expedition. Jimmy, excitedly, asks “Is it Lenin?”

Stephen: “In the human body, what does the appendix do?”
Jimmy: “Does it contain details about me that aren’t needed in the main body?”

Can I say that Jimmy is having a wonderful episode, as he’s coming up with some of the funnier answers. Also, the combo of Dara, Jimmy and Alan is working very well. Doon isn’t being as inclusive as she was in Cummingtonite. She’s not doing anything as interesting, either.

Stephen uses a motion to demonstrate the earth’s motion, by sticking a finger into a hole in his other fist, which is very suggestive, especially when both Jimmy and Doon recreate it. Jimmy goes “I’m just not sure that that’s the best mime you could have done…”

It’s actually pretty funny how bored everybody gets when Stephen lists all the poles and what they’re used for. Doon buzzes in and goes “I want to go home now.” Dara buzzes in and goes “Even the polar guy, who’s kind of into this as a topic, has dozed off at this stage…” And once Stephen finishes, Doon cheers. She goes “Your pole of inaccessibility has finally been plundered.”

Dara and Jimmy tie for first, which is kind of nice, I guess. Plus, Doon and Alan tie for last. Very weird week in that regard.

Overall: A nice show, with some good moments, but a slight bit cluttered. Jimmy was on top of his game, and Dara and Alan both had great moments. Doon was a bit more quiet, and wasn’t too funny when she did talk, save for the last question. The dynamic was slightly off, but the guys who’d worked together worked well together. Not the best this season, but full of goof moments, including Alan’s buzzer.

MVP: Jimmy
Best Guest: Jimmy
Show Winners: Jimmy and Dara
Best QI Fact: The deaths of the Great Yarmouth seniors.


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