QI Watchdown: F8 (Fashion)

Well, we’re eight episodes into Series F and we’re JUST NOW getting to our first Rich Hall episode. That says a lot about how often he’d stop by in his later seasons. This is also a Clive episode, which is always nice, as he’s usually really funny. And this is a first appearance for another American, Reginald D. Hunter, which marks the first time we have two Americans on the same panel, a feat that wouldn’t be duplicated until Greg Proops stops by.

Trouble is a lot of people in the youtube comments section don’t seem to enjoy Reg’s performance tonight. So, I’ll try to keep an open mind.

Rich is wearing an oversized cowboy hat with one of his usual poker jackets, which is kind of hysterical. Reg has his hair in pigtails, for some reason, yet his look to the camera assures us he’s not to be fucked with. Alan is wearing a loudly fluffy hat and blue-tinted glasses, looking even more ridiculous than the black man wearing pigtails.

Clive’s buzzers is an older standards piece that seems to confuse him. Rich’s buzzer confused him (“cause he’s a dedicated follower of fashion…”) at first, but once he hears the fashion part, he nods, as if to say “oh, I get it.” Reg’s is Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m too sexy’, which he says ‘you know, I can’t complain.’ Alan’s is the continuation of ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’ from seven episodes ago, although it helps that nobody in the audience attempted a mexican wave (“NOOO!”)

Stephen talks of the Brighton soccer team’s chant “YOU’RE BETTER THAN US…YOU’RE BETTER THAN US…WE’RE CRAP WE’RE CRAP WE’RE CRAP…”

Rich: “My grandfather used to say “you’re dumber than a bag of wet mice.”

The Phillips head screwdriver joke that Rich tries has been done before, but his complete seriousness as he tells it is what makes it funny.

Stephen: “[the queen] was so cross [at King Louis cutting all his hair off] that she divorced him, although probably for other reasons as well-”
Alan: “He also cut his cock off.”

Reg’s jokes don’t always land, but, upon hearing that King Louie chose to die abstinent rather than cheat on his wife, he says “see, that leads you to believe that he had a bad sexual experience as a child…maybe he wasn’t ready yet, and said ‘maybe I just lick your elbow’…and the woman said ‘you do what you do best'”, bringing back his catchphrase.

Stephen: “What would be the worst faux-pas imaginable?”
Rich: “I’d reckon if you wore Calvin Klein to Yves St. Laurent’s funeral.”

Reg’s style of answering is very complex. He’ll go on a long story and sort of make it sound true, like a very Richard E. Grant style, only x100. His delivery isn’t great either, as he goes for the sort of stereotypical urban black guy voice. I’m not sold on him, but I’m not at the point where I absolutely despise him, either

Clive, on Wellington: “Did he say, “well look here I won this war, i can come in any trousers i’d like!”
Stephen: “You’d think that, but no. Also, that’s my catch phrase. I can cum in any trousers I’d like!”
Reg: “Yeah, i sure enjoyed that long, winding story so we could get to that.”

Alan: “What about those older gentlemen, who pull their trousers right up to their nipples? First of all, WHAT’S GOING ON *THERE*? Why don’t they stop somewhere along the way?”
Stephen: “No pleasure in life except to give themselves a wedgie every time…”
Alan: “Why don’t they pull their trousers up to right under their eyes? They’ll have an enormous fly…”

Stephen talks about the women who drew the nylon stocking line on themselves to save money.
Rich: ‘Why didn’t the male soldiers just draw pictures of trousers on themselves?”

As Stephen is interviewing Gabor in the audience about his self-righting little device, Rich yells over in his direction ‘HEY, GABOR! D’you ever think of making these into salt-and-pepper shakers?” Alan even joins in. “YEAH, C’MON! DRAGON’S DEN!”

Gabor eventually reveals that the self-writing structure was sort of trumped by turtles, who can do the same thing. Rich goes “so, do you feel like you’ve wasted your life?”
This episode may be very limited, but Rich has been taking over, just like back in Series A.

Stephen: “If life began on January 1st, and now we’re at the very end of the year, when did the dinosaurs appear?”
Alan: “Tuesday.”

Alan: (After it was revealed that ‘saurus’ was latin slang for penis) “So what’s Thesaurus, then? Is that latin?”
Stephen: “it means treasure house, or a depository, in this case of words.”
Alan: “In that case, you might refer to your backside as a thesaurus (cracks up)”
Stephen: “I’d like to think…My bottom is a treasure house? Yes, Alan. Thank you.”
Alan: “My bottom is a treasure house…really good catchphrase.”

Stephen: “Yankee Doodle put a feather in his cap to be fashionable, but why on earth did he call it macaroni?”
Rich: “Because he was dumber than a bag of wet mice.”

This anecdote about the Macaroni club is one I already knew, from Robert Wuhl’s Assume the Position show on HBO. However, this same show had a piece of information about british soldiers holding up middle fingers at the 100 years war, which QI disproved. So, as of now, Robert Wuhl is correct.

Stephen: ‘What rhymes with month?”
Alan, as per usual: “Dunth, bunth, yunth, JUNTH!”
Stephen: “This word probably isn’t very well known. It’s…sikhism, it’s what the-”
I nearly fell over laughing. Well done, Clive.

Clive: ‘So loads of Sikhs watching this program have been screaming at the television “FOR GOODNESS SAKE IT’S GRUNTH!!”

Reg has a great moment. For the Michelin Stars question, Reg guesses Paris, then buzzes in, as the Klaxon is going off. he then says “WAIT, THAT DON’T COUNT, BECAUSE I GUESSED PARIS…BEFORE I PUSHED THE BUTTON! So I get a free guess.”

Reg has another nice moment when he says ‘definitely not London’, and the klaxon goes off saying London, and there’s an entire scandal as to who actually said london, Reg keeps denying it.

Reg: “And I’m not just trying to offend London…I’m trying to offend the UK in general…”

Rich wins with a positive score, which is odd, but Rich wins a ton of these.

Clive, when he’s announced as second, exclaims “I WAS PLAYING TO LOSE!!”

Stephen even ends the episode by saying “My name is Stephen ‘My Bottom is a Treasure House’ Fry, good night.”

Overall: Not the greatest episode, but had its moments. Rich and Clive were quieter but funny. Reg was very abrasive and sort of stole his moments of spotlight, which wasn’t very nice, but he was funny at points, if a bit wrong for QI. The dynamic was definitely down, as only Clive was looking to bounce jokes off of people.

MVP: Rich
Best Guest: Clive
Show Winner: Rich
Best QI Fact: King Louis’ abstinence and haircut.


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