QI Watchdown: G4 (Geography)

Ah, another panel full of great recurring players. I know, that kind of hurt us last episode, but this is a special case. This time, not only do we have the first SG episodes for Jimmy and Jo, but we have another appearance of Rob Brydon, who’s always welcome. Sure to be wonderful.

Stephen, in his intros, introduces Jimmy as ‘the king of the jungle’. Once they cut to him, he looks over at Stephen, over the applause, and goes “king of the jungle? Really?”

Rob’s buzzer is a loud foghorn, which he’s fond of. Stephen even goes “yes, you do” (i.e. “rob goes…”)

Stephen: “What ruins 300,000 British car journeys per year?”
Alan: “Radio One.”
Annnd…I think we’re out of the funk from last episode.

Jo: “is it kids in the back of the car going “ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET?”
Jo: “oh, so SOON!”

Didn’t think it would show up on QI, but Stephen and Jimmy force Rob to do his “small man trapped in a box” voice, best known from The Trip. And…yeah, it’s still pretty funny.

Stephen says that Billy Connolly is one of the most popular SatNav voices
Rob: “Billy Connolly? HE’S done it?”
Stephen, in a perfect Billy Connolly voice: “I knooo.”

Stephen: “And the least popular satnav voice-”
Jimmy: “Hitler?”

Stephen says Baroness Thatcher is also one of the least popular SatNav voices. Jimmy says it’s because it keeps going “RIGHT. RIGHT. RIGHT. RIGHT.”

Stephen mentions there’s a Julian Clary one in there too…and it’s a good impression, but not as good as his Connolly.

Rob’s Welsh satnav bit is legendary, “not a Welsh language, just a Welsh attitude, a Welsh approach to life….or death. ‘There’s a turn comin’ up in 40 yards, get ready for it…and oh, you plank, ye’ve missed it.Alright, do a U-ie. Do a- alright, pull over. Just…attach a hose pipe to the exhaust and end it all…”

Stephen said that about 8% of Central Asians are related to a common ancestor who very well may be Genghis Khan.
Jimmy: “So d’you think in hundreds of years they’ll be talking about the same thing, only with Russell Brand?”

Jo asks if the Chinese used to just have tea in their hands before the teacup came. Alan then does an impression of a person with very hot tea in their hands trying to shove it into their faces.

Rob, on the Salt Lake flats question goes right into an Anthony Hopkins impression (“I’M GUNTA DO IT IN THIS CAR. LOOK AT ME GO.”) Another really good impression, especially the wavering New Zealand accent.
Jimmy: “Now what if he was trapped in a box?”
And then Rob does an Anthony Hopkins impression in his ‘trapped in a box’ voice, which is also pretty perfect.

Rob, in the Sacramento question, says he knows it because it’s the place Dustin Hoffman drives to in the Graduate, before doing an “ELLAAAAIINNNEEE!!” Of course, Stephen does a Hoffman impression that damn near trumps Rob’s which is great. So many great impressions in this episode.

On the Eskimos: “They didn’t know there were any other people out there, in the world-”
Alan: “It’s very much like that in Essex, too…”

The second Stephen prefaces the question with ‘a watery riddle’, I’m already expecting the answer to NOT be Blue Whale. So he keeps describing things about this, and Alan raises a finger, rearing back. Jimmy already starts cracking up, knowing the gag.
Alan: “NOT…the blue whale.”
Stephen: “You are right!”

Stephen: “The US has the right to seize any property containing what?”
Jimmy: “Is it a street without a Starbucks?”

Stephen: “The 4th-best-selling children’s book of all time has a vocabulary of only 50 words. Which is it?”
Jimmy: “Oh, is it the Da Vinci Code?”

Stephen: “What do Mongolians live in?”
Rob: “Is it something like a Yak, or a Yolt?”
Jo: “D’you mean a Yurt?”
Rob: “Yes, that’s exactly what I-”
Rob, recovering: “No, that’s not the one!”

Rob: “OH, I KNOW, I KNOW THIS. It’s the point in Britain, that’s furthest-”
Alan, sort of in unison with Rob: “Furthest from the sea-”

Alan wins and Rob loses…which is kind of odd, actually.

Overall: A better show, though it did have some mighty lulls. I did like how the show kept gags going, and keeps the dynamic clear, even if Jo wasn’t really helping. Jimmy and Rob had excellent shows, and got along well, unlike the verging-on-hostile Sean-Phill dynamic from last episode. But yeah, definitely a step up, even if it’s not all the way there.

MVP: Rob
Best Guest: Jimmy
Show Winner: Alan
Best QI Fact: Bird Guano Seizure


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