Nevermind Watchdown: S1E2 (Detachable Penis!)

Feel like watching another one, so that’s what I’m doing. Plus, this one has a comedian that, A. I’ve heard of and B. IS FUNNY.

Ashley Slater is my monthly reminder that people in the UK name men Ashley. He’s a lead singer in Freak Power, worked with Norman Cook, a name I definitely recognize.

Cathy Dennis is a pop singer, and is pretty cute. Plus, her and Ashley do a little bounce thing when they’re introduced. So they’re already having a good time.

Shovell is a bongo-player from M-People, which is kind of odd, but it’s NMTB, so there you go.

GRAHAM!!!!!! OH MY GOSHSDGASKJGHJKGHKA GRAHAM!! Great to see Graham Norton on the program, even if he’s ridiculously young here.

Phill: “Turn around Bright Eyes is a very dangerous thing to say, when you’re in a room with choir boys, isn’t it?”

I’m sorry, but the bit about ‘Detachable Penis’ just got more and more escalated. It’s the kind of joke that most suits Sean, especially the part about the girl singing it, and the guy getting even more annoyed, ‘I KNOW, I KNOW, CAN YOU HELP ME LOOK FOR IT??”

Graham doesn’t know the title: “It’s Marvin Gaye…and it’s one of his…fine hits.” (looks back up at Mark.)

As Shovell and Sean do ‘Shiny Happy People’, Sean, on a whim, just goes back into “HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE!” So Shovell, perfectly, goes “DETACHABLE PENIS!!” He even does it in the next one.

Man it feels good when you know the song, and when they’re doing a really good job, like Ashley and Phill doing Blue Monday.

Phill and Ashley doing Bjork made me think of Sean Lock’s joke about her narrating the Penis Museum: “You, you see a penis and she goes ‘AAAH! AAH! AAH! AAAH!” Which makes me wonder how she’d react to Detachable Penis.

Mark: “Rockin’ Robin was released when Michael Jackson was only a 13-year-old boy, and god he really fancied himself back then…”

Phill: “We’d like to say now, for goodness sake, don’t put batteries in your baby. They run well enough on their own…”

Phill: “I heard, they did mention Iranian Stones. What are they, a tribute band? ‘AAAAAIIIYAAAAIIYYAAAA…nky tonk women…”

I love that Cathy keeps insisting that the song goes ‘Barrel of fudge and shore’, and how Phill reacts to that. Plus, once they eventually present the correct lyrics, Cathy even yells “FUDGE” while they’re still doing it.  Phill hands it out to her.
Phill: “MUCH MORE”

Mark eventually reveals the lyrics, as “they probably all had a barrel of fudge.”

Oh god. The ID round features two members of Showoddywoddy. If only Hugh Dennis were here.

Even better, Demis Roussos, who “runs around in a greek frock’ according to Jo Brand.

Sean, on which object corresponds to Demis: “He used to eat all three of those things before he went onstage.”
Shovell: “The Ayatollah done backing vocals on his last album.”
Sean: “The Ayatollah got Michael Jackson’s hair as part of the deal.”

Mark reveals that Roussos’ flight was hijacked by extremist. Over a clip- “And there’s him threatening to sing at the press conference.”

Less of a Mark influence this episode, though he does have his jokes, and they are good ones. However, the panel influence is more spread out, and it’s not like one guy is saying more than others, though Graham is having a nice night.

Mark: “You fill up my senses.”
Sean: “You certainly do.”

I love how Sean will just say whatever comes to mind whenever he doesn’t know the Next Line.

Mark: “You’re gorgeous, I’d do anything for you.”
Shovell: “Thank you.”

Mark: “Little Willy won’t go home.”
Graham: “Erm…detachable penis!”

Mark: “The only boy who could ever teach me.”
Sean: “Died.”

Mark: “The ones that ain’t good looking…”
Phill: “Usually go ’round Sean’s house.”

Overall: A funnier show with a lot less new-show jitters and more running-gag friendly things (detachable penis and a barrel of fudge). Graham and Shovell did a lot of funny things, while Phill’s guests were a bit less vocal, with the exception of Cathy being very funny at some points.

MVP: Sean
Best Guest: Graham
Best Running Gag: Detachable Penis…


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