Nevermind Watchdown: S1E3

Three in a day. Ambitious, yeah, but they’re fun and easy to watch.

Fun Fact: This episode originally aired on my 1st birthday in 1996, November 26th.

David McAlmont is “possibly the finest soul singer Croydon has ever produced”, which apparently says a lot.

Andy McCluskey is the vocalist for OMD, which is kind of nice, although they showed a clearly 90’s music video. I had no idea they were still making music videos in the 90’s.

Aw, sweet, Martin Chambers is here, the drummer for the Pretenders. It’s nice they get a rather mainstream rock act on here.

Mark intros Bob Mortimer as “one of my colleagues from Shooting Stars, but now the roles are reversed, so when all his funny lines are cut out, he’ll know why.” Bob had a stage partnership with Vic Reeves, so I’m expecting that sort of humor.

Mark: “Simon Le Bon was attacked by a rubbery penis monster with teeth. A nightmare for Le Bon but a dream come true for the rest of us.”

As Phill and David do The Clash, Andy says “I’m enjoying this, carry on”, and puts his feet up. It helps that he looks a bit like Rob Brydon here.

That’s awfully weird. All four of Phill’s Intro songs were ones I knew. No Brit-only ones.

I did get a kick out of Martin doing the descending guitar from Pinball Wizard, and how Sean only contributed an occasional “BOM.” But, I love how Bob eventually got it, and went “PIN. BALL. WIZARD.”

Martin, getting an idea, sticks his hand deep in his pocket.
Martin: “I WISH!”

Martin ends up throwing coins in Sean’s hand to do Money, but Bob gets it before Martin can even start the riff.
Martin: “You didn’t give me time to d-”

Sean: “Yeah, I’m a big Dexy’s fan so I know them by heart. What he said was “BRRRRAPP WAAA DSDLJFSFDFJLSJG (GENO!)”
Mark: “…it’s pretty close.”

And then when they’re asked to sing over the video, Sean just goes “FBBBBBBB” when Kevin Rowland sings, and then all three in unison go ‘OH GENO…”

After the Cult video, Phill: “How long has Jennifer Saunders had a band after Absolutely Fabulous?”

David is a complete enigma to me. He looks like the lead singer of Fishbone and sounds like Mick Jagger doing an impression of a pansy.

The ‘song titles in other words’ round works so well with Bob Mortimer because of the way he speaks, how grand he does it, and how silly and over the top it sounds.

Bob: “Pink, spotty, rubber, twat.”
Sean: “Mr. Blobby.”

One of the ones Andy says is the Wombling Song, which reminds me of Linda Smith guessing “the Wombling Fucking Party”, and Sean guessing “Free Myra Hindley.”

You can tell that Bob and Mark’s relationship is ruling this episode, because even when Mark is trying to read the correct answer, Bob keeps screwing with him and he keeps having to go aside, smiling.

And now, Sean has a grand old time in Next Lines:

Mark: “We don’t need no education.”
Sean: “We’re SCHTUPID!”

I love the second that round ends, Sean looks over at Mark, spent, and goes “WHO WON?”

Overall: Another solid show, with a definitely chillaxed panel, and a nice amount of dynamic. Bob Mortimer obviously did the most, as his gonzo humor certainly fit here. I can see why him and Vic got along so well. I have to give props to Andy and Martin because they looked like they were having fun. Intros round aside, David didn’t do a hell of a lot.

MVP: Bob
Best Guest: Bob
NPC: David


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S1E3

  1. To be fair Andy McCluskey *was* OMD by that point, and not long after he disbanded the group and became a songwriter, founding girl group Atomic Kitten before falling out with them and reforming the classic OMD lineup in 2006, and they are still touring and recording.

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