Nevermind Watchdown: S1E4, or SIX, CECILIA BY SUGGS!

Fourth one in a day. Like I said, these are quick and fun.

I feel like Phill and Sean work so well as team captains because they don’t have to do a lot of make the show funny. They can be funny people, and make jokes, and the show doesn’t always fall on them.

Sarah Cracknell, pop-star and lead singer of St. Etienne. Getting a Cathy Dennis vibe from how she’ll be personality-wise

Billy Bragg, a very English guest, is also there. I don’t really know him, but he’s on a bunch of these early ones.

Oh thank god, someone I’ve heard of. Suggs, the lead singer of Madness, and a general wild personality, is also in the building.

Jeff Green is our requisite comic, and he looks a bit like Chris O’Dowd. I don’t know a ton of these guests, but I feel sort of optimistic.

Oh, this show’s nearly catering to me. The first Freeze Frame clip is from Aerosmith’s Living on the Edge video, one of my favorites of theirs. The first bit, the one shown, is of a zippered black-and-white halted Steven Tyler holding his junk. So Mark goes “I’m expecting some good, quality knob gags on there…”

Suggs: “I think his bollocks explode and bits of hits fingers are blown onto the lens…”
Mark: “What a wonderful thought to open the show on!”

Phill’s Freeze Frame clip, instead of being a music video, is just boxer Chris Eubank doing the countdown on Top of the Pops, but his lisp keeps ruining everything.
The whole time, you can hear Phill absolutely losing it.

Billy: “Does he say ‘if you think I’m bad, I’ve got Lester Piggott on doing it next week?”

Billy: “For some reason, Suggs is looking a bit embarrassed over there, and I think I saw this when it came out- You was in the charts then, weren’t you, boy?”
Suggs realizes what this is, and turns to Billy, frightened, zipping his lip.
Phill, knowing exactly what it is: “CECILIA! SIX, CECILIA BY SUGGS!”
Suggs breaks completely, his plan foiled. Billy and Phill are yelling at him about it, and Suggs is going “HE WAS A SUPER GUY!”

Mark: “Well done, let’s see it done by a real man…”
And sure enough, in the clip, Eubank does a full-on “THIKTH…THETHILIA…BY THUGGTH…”
Phill’s entire panel LOSES IT.

Mark: “Eubank didn’t finish his chart rundown. His next song was SickSick Sputnik singing She Sells Sanctuary…and the studio had to be evacuated because they thought the sprinklers had gone off…”

Intros round:
Phill, to Sarah: “D’you need room to work?”
Sarah: “i need room to work.”
Phill: “Shouldn’t be on TV with me, then, sweetheart.”

I feel like Suggs is more suited for that round than Sarah, because Suggs was doing most of the lifting there.

Great moment. On the Kate Bush number, Jeff keeps trying to make this huge story about a man called Sweet Roland who fell in some brie. Mark’s facial expressions as he tries to follow along with the story are pretty hysterical.

The fact that Jeff even insists on insisting “Sweet Roland falls in brie” over the actual song cracks me up. Just how earnestly he sings it.

Handing it over to Phill’s team, Mark goes “and if anyone mentions Roland or eels, you’re out.”

This is the one where, in the IDs round, Mark starts giving all five of the choices names as the camera pans by. The fifth one, especially, going “who wears that cap like a natural.”

On the ‘Son of My Father’ lead singer, Phill goes “i bet there’s five empty black cabs parked outside…”

I’m sorry, it’s a round later and I’m still laughing at ‘Sweet Roland falls in brie.”

Phill: “What sort of people lie under glass tables?”
Sarah: “Hitler!”
Mark: “Is that the worst thing you can say about Hitler? He used to start trouble as well, didn’t he?”

Mark: “Is it love you’re after?”
Phill: “Well, that and a shag.”

Mark, calling back: “Son of my father.”
Phill: “Moogling old googling old…”
Mark: “No, I’m afraid it’s not…”

Mark: “Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky?”
Sean, taking him literally: “He got an icepick through his…”

Overall: Another solid show, with a lot more silliness around due to how game everyone was. Not just Jeff Green, but Suggs, Sarah and Billy were all having fun, and Billy was cracking a ton of jokes on his side- you can tell that he and Phill got along, and still do (Phill went on tour with Billy this year). I think the edge does go to Jeff, though, for his sheer insistence on the Roland thing, though everybody was on.

MVP: Jeff
Best Guest: Suggs
Best Running Gag: Chickery Tip


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