Nevermind Watchdown: S1E5

Fifth one today, so I’m on a  roll. Plus, after the last one, with ‘Thix: Thethelia, by Thuggth”, and “Sweet Roland falls in brie…”, I needed more. I needed to go on.

Marcella Detroit is a britpop/rocker who was in Shakespeares Sister, who hopefully will give a tiny bit more personality than Sarah did last episode. She’s also our first American panelist…I think.

Nick Heyward used to be the lead singer of Haircut 100, which I have heard of, but in 1996 he was working on solo work…which I haven’t heard of.

Martin Rossiter is the lead singer of Gene. That is all that Wikipedia is telling me.

Oh good, thankfully there’s someone I’ve heard of on the show, and it’s Jonathan Ross, or as he says it, Yonathum Woss. Love the guy, love his humor, even though he can be a bit much sometimes. Funny thing is he’s presenting in the US now. He’s hosting a show for Penn & Teller, called Fool Us, which is a showcase for up-and-coming illusionists. Though anyone that can decipher when Jonathan Ross says “Pen un Tewwah’ is a magician in itself.

So how the hell did I know that they were gonna bring up the Just a Gigolo video the second Mark said ‘David Lee Roth’? Maybe because he didn’t make many other hits?

So far I see that Marcella is very good on teamwork, giving high-fives whenever they get points, but not very good on actually participating.

Sean: “Maybe that’s why Stevie Wonder always went like [leaning back], there must have been a kid hanging onto his beads…”
Mark: “No, Sean, it’s cause he’s blind.”

Sean and Marcella do a huge Oasis one, where Marcella does the guitar cords and Sean does coke off the desk.
Nick: Simon and Garfunkel?

Phill and Martin do one that’s obviously Rebel Rebel, and Jonathan goes and says “I keep thinking it sounds like Summer Holiday.” Martin reaches over Phill and knocks Jonathan on the head.

Next one, it’s Adam and the Ants, and Jonathan still guesses “Summer Holiday?”

Jonathan during the Intros round is hysterical, because he’s not great at it, and he knows it, and he’s just trying to come up with them under the time. He comes off as brash, but he’s just being silly and playing with a weak sort of skill.

Phill just stands there, degraded, as Jonathan doesn’t get the Pet Shop Boys one, where he continued to go ‘BOB-OB-BA-BAAA” in Jonathan’s face. Once they actually play the right clip, Phill motions to Martin for the bass part, and then goes BOB-OB-BA-BAA” in Jonathan’s face, angrily.

Marcella is great at the facts part, but she’s not terribly funny.

After saying that Jagger looks like a jockey, Sean and Martin hijack the re-sing part, by making it all sound like a horse race, which is pretty funny.

Phill’s team has to transcribe a Napalm Death song, whose lyrics sound like RRRRRR, RRRRR, RRRRRR! Jonathan, clearly blown away, goes “I know it’s a cliche, but they really don’t right them like that anymore…”

The funniest part of this episode his how terrible Phill’s team is doing. After the ID round, it’s 2-12. That’s hysterical.

Sean keeps bringing up a running gag that Nick’s afraid of water, and keeps bringing a water bottle out from under the desk. He does this especially when one of his own lyrics is mentioned in the next lines round.

Mark: “Help, I need somebody.”
I nearly fell over laughing.

Mark: “What is wrong with my life?”
Jonathan: “Now isn’t the time, Mark. Let’s do some more questions.”

Overall: Good god the energy was all over the place here, and it was mostly regular-based. Jonathan Ross, as usual, couldn’t shut up, and kept the show moving along, and kept Mark pissed off. Nick and Marcella did a bit, especially Nick being afraid of water. Martin didn’t do too much.

MVP: Phill
Best Guest: Jonathan
NPC: Martin
Best Running Gag: RRRRRR!! RRRRRR! RRRRR!

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