Nevermind Watchdown: S1E6

Day Two of my S1 binge. Starting it off with a, evidently, nice one.

Richie Wermerling is the lead singer of Let Loose, a soft-rock-ish britpop-era band, that apparently didn’t last very long.

Jake Burns is the lead singer of Stiff Little Fingers, a 70’s-80’s era punk rock band, which is easier to stomach than another stinking britpop-era band.

Tony Wright, who apparently guests on NMTB a number of times after this, is the lead singer of Terrorvision, a rock band, thank gosh.

Bob Mills is our requisite comic. His wikipedia page says he tried to bring The Larry Sanders Show to the UK, made it the Show. Apparently it didn’t last very long.

Sean, on the Samantha Fox video: “Does she mistake her arse for a horse?”
Mark: “We all have.”

Richie, trying to place Keith Moon: “Who was the bloke from the moon…uh, KEITH MOON, from the Who!”
Mark: “He wasn’t from the moon.”
Richie: “He could have been after all the drugs he had.”

Phill gets Richie to do a guitar part on First Lines, but it sounds like “wank-a-wank-a-wanka wakka wa-“. Phill goes over and says, “no, I think not…”

Dunno why, but Phill’s side’s First Lines are just really good tonight, especially Livin on a Prayer.

Again, Richie starts a riff with ‘dum-dicka-dum-dicka-dum’. Phill, of course, gets mad at him, says “LEAVE THE DICKER OUT!!!”

Mark’s intro to the indecipherable lyrics round made me crack up. It’s “so if you thought Whitney Houston sang ‘I’m shaving off my muff for you’, this round is for you.”
Phill: “SHE DID!!!”

Phill, on the Smells Like Teen Spirit lyrics: “It’s a rugby song. ‘When the line out…misses Taylor…”

Mark says, on Kurt and Courtney: “I once heard Gary Crowley on the radio say “and this is the latest sound from Courtney Love’s Hole.”
Christ, what’s with him tonight?

Ah yes, from the makers of Jeff Green insisting that Wuthering Heights is about a guy called Sweet Roland falling in brie, Tony thinks that the Roxy Music song is about wanting tea. I love that Bob and Sean build on this, saying Robert DeNiro only has to look at it.

I just love how sincere Tony is about it, too, especially “I hope you don’t blow on it, cause you’ll keep it warm…” Just so sincere.

Ah, so in the ID Parade round they’re looking for two members of Haircut 100, but not Nick Heyward, because the studio was surrounded by water after his last show.

Sean, on the ID parade: “Alright, I’ll try a new tactic. GRAHAM?” And he waits for one of them to answer. Hysterical.

Gotta be a first; I’ve heard of both ID Parade acts. Both one-hit-wonders. Both appeared on a few VH1 specials in their day. Especially M, with Pop Musik.

I love how All 5 M’s are chewing gum. Phill even has to go “ARE YOU CHEWING??” He even runs over there and makes all five of them spit it out.

Richie points out that one of them is wearing the wrong type of shoes. Phill goes “HE’S WEARING JEANS! HE’S A POP SINGEEEERRRR!!!”

Mark: “Honey, I’m still free.”
Tony: “Yeeeahhh…”

Great runner. The Samantha Cox song from the intros pops back up in Next Lines, and Tony gets it, “BUT THE PANTS STAY ON!!”

Mark: “Betcha by golly wow”
Phill doubles over infuriated
Mark: ‘There’s a hemorrhoidal problem with Phill but he doesn’t know the next line.”

Overall: A very packed show. Nobody really stood out above the regulars, but all four were into it and having a good time. I see why Tony came back, as his bit with Brian Ferry was pretty funny. Richie had a similar role on his side, making a lot of jokes. Bob didn’t do a ton, but was still funny. Jake didn’t do a ton either, but still contributed.

MVP: Phill
Best Guest: Tony
Best Running Gag: Richie can’t do the Intros round correctly


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