Nevermind Watchdown: S1E7, or the one with ALAN!!!

Yeah, I wanted to get to this one today. Even if I’m not watching QI, I need a little Alan Davies in my life. There’s just something so lovable about him. Plus, even if he’s on Sean’s team, this is likely where the Phill-Alan friendship began.

Peter Hook is/was the bassist for Joy Division and New Order. True 80’s guitar legend. Weird to have him on the show.

Claire Grogan is a singer and actress. She was on Red Dwarf for a while, which is nice.

Ace, is the guitarist for Skunk Anansie. I do know of them, because their lead singer is basically Grace Jones with a better hairdo, and better singing ability (I think).

Alan…needs no introduction, though I’d like to point out that he has this timelordian quality of refusing to age.

Phill, on Take That: “They weren’t allowed any girlfriends, were they?”
Hooky: “Yeah, but it’s the same in the Village People…”

I’m sorry, but Phill and Claire doing these Intros ones is just adorable, especially Claire, because she’s trying to keep her persona and continue being nice about it, and they keep going even after Hooky’s gotten tired of it.

Great moment. Claire realizes she has no idea how the intro goes. Phill goes “I’ll tell you what…take a seat, sweetheart…” And Phill just does it alone.

It gets even better on the Sex Pistols one, when they keep switching off instruments, and Claire, still pathetically inept at this round, yells at Hooky “THIS IS A CLUE!!!”

Alan, on the Patti LaBelle song: “She went on about sucking poo in the middle there…”
Mark: “Disco music never relied on sucking poo.”

On the This Town Ain’t Big Enough one, Phill’s panel seems to think they’re just reading off the TV listings. Phill hears ‘Zoo Time’. Claire hears something about the Wombles. It’s so silly that it sounds genuine.

I do like Claire, and how ridiculously game she is, even as she’s trying to keep her nice-girl persona. Hooky looks a little tired so far.

Alan and Sean, during ID parade, start whispering to each other that it’s probably not #4.
Mark: “Why are you whispering?”
Sean: “Cause we don’t want to offend them…”

The Belle Stars IDs show up in full hats and white suits. Phill says ‘Another two and we could rescue the Mexican village!”

Mark: “Claire, I’ve told you before, don’t you dare.”
Claire: “…I won’t.”

Mark: “I’ve been to paradise.”
Phill: “But I’ve never been to me.”
Mark: “Good, Charlene. So plug in the jukebox.”

Overall: A bit lighter than the last few, but Claire cracked me up in how hard she was trying. Alan was a welcome appearance, even if he didn’t do too much. Hooky and Ace did some stuff, but were mostly quiet.

MVP: Claire
Best Guest: Alan
Best Runner: Claire in Intros


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S1E7, or the one with ALAN!!!

  1. Phill: (On the Belle Stars lineup) Another two and we can rescue the Mexican village!

    Phill confusing The Magnificent Seven and Three Amigos there.

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