Nevermind Watchdown: S1E8, or I Worked with Adam Ant

Ah, of course, we’ve hit one with the ridiculously strange character known as Adam Ant. Man, I dunno what he’s gonna do to NMTB, but I’m a bit excited.

I love Mark’s expression after his opening joke. He’s just watching people groan and gasp at it, and he’s just sitting there, glaring them down, not especially moving.

Yeah, as I said, Adam Ant is a wacko, and it’s great that he keeps coming on. I have also heard some of his music, which is also pretty nice.

Crispin Hunt is the lead singer of the Longpigs, which is a, sigh, another brit-pop era indie rock band.

Sidenote- Adam Ant is bald here and it’s really distracting me.

Jo Whiley is evidently a DJ, and a British DJ at that, so already I’ve not heard of her.

John Thomson is our comedian this episode. Judging by his intro clip he’s more of a downbeat one.

Thomson has a nice pun, with what happens after they go into his ear: “Ruby Wax pops out?”

Great Phill moment. After he and Adam do Sledgehammer in the Intro Round, and it goes really well, Phill gives this nerdish smile and goes “I worked with Adam Ant. Brilliant.”

As the Bang The Gong actual music starts playing, Crispin is very confused, going “no, this is Oasis.” Phill, curiously, goes “NO IT ISN’T YOU LITTLE TIGER!!”

So on the Meat Loaf number, Phill says that they’re arguing about their pandas. And they’re cracking jokes and things. By the time Mark asks them to sing along, they have nothing, so they have no choice but to sing the panda lines…but they OWN it.

Also, someone mentions the line “You’ve got a lot of nerve to cum over me.” And they even use that one in the actual guess, which is even funnier.

Crispin: “They mumble them all, don’t they?”
Mark: “Yeah, that’s the point of this round.”

After the Manic Street Preachers video.
Sean: “Is it in welsh? Is it just that one welsh village, and he just names it off…”
Mark: “Did you know we just lost a nation of viewers in one sentence?”

Mark: “I’ll give you a clue. No one says ‘you’ve got a lot of nerve to cum over me’ in this song.”

Phill: “I, as the leader, of Adam and the Tanks tonight…”

Mark: “When I look back on my life, it’s always been with a sense of shame.”
John: “Sorry about that, Mark.”
Sean: “Is that Limahl’s favorite song?”

Great moment- Mark keeps giving Sean’s team Adam Ant quotes, and they all get them. Adam just starts cracking up.

Overall: Another quieter panel but still good. Adam Ant looked like he was having fun, and Crispin had some nice rapport with Phill. Sean’s team wasn’t as loud as them, aside from a few John or Jo lines.

MVP: Sean
Best Guest: Adam
Best Runner: Copulate Surprise, and Socks R Us


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