Nevermind Watchdown: S1E9, or, I’M NOT COMING BACK TIL YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

Two days and we’ve already finished off a season. So far, Series 1 of NMTB has been nice, though very spotty, and not necessarily indicative of the massive amount of things that will happen as it goes on. I like Mark, I love Phill, and I think Sean is growing on me, though I do see why he ends up leaving.

Lauren Laverne is a TV presenter now, but in 1997 she was the lead singer of Kenickie. She’s also very cute. But OH MY GOSH SHE WAS ON MOCK THE WEEK LATER. She was in a few episodes in the late 2000’s.

Neil Hannon is the lead singer for The Divine Comedy and wrote the theme tune for the IT Crowd and Father Ted, two shows I have heard of.

Glenn Tilbrook is the lead singer of Squeeze, a band i have indeed heard of, and whose albums I have indeed listened to.

Mark Thomas is the comic tonight, and although I haven’t heard of him he looks like he could be good.

After the Pogues Video
Mark: “What happens next is a bloke charges forward from the audience saying “Let me through, I’m a dentist!”

Neil Hannon sounds like if somebody took Ed Byrne and slowed down his pitch a bit.

Neil realizes he knows Money for Nothing, so he has to sing through the whole song to get to the title. He goes “kitchens.” “ovens.” Meanwhile, Phill’s lost it.

Glenn, in Indescipherable Lyrics, says the Michael Jackson song had a lyric about “they flew in sandwiches from Japan, of steaming lamb.” The fact that it’s Glenn, an actual singer, that’s making the weirdest comment, instead of the two comedians, cracks me up.

Banana Splits one, Phill: “is it, then, ‘yes, we have no bananas…'”

Mark: “The banana splits had an original member nicknamed Drooper…and in ten years time, so will the Spice Girls.”
Mark Lamarr…oh my.

I love Phill’s reaction when he is told that two members of Legs and co. will be there. His eyebrows raise, and he goes, “what, really?”

Phill: “Seein’ em in the flesh, I’m awash with guilt now…”
Mark: “And I wonder what you were awash with the last time you saw them, Phill…”

Lauren: “I don’t know, I think this is difficult…”
Mark: “I KNOW IT IS!”
Lauren: “You’re the quizmaster, what do you care? You’re the Richard Whitely of this show…”
And then, not knowing how to respond, Mark Lamarr gets up and walks off the set.

Lauren: “I take it back!”
(Mark runs back to his seat)

Next Lines:
Mark: “Move your big ass round”
Phill turns over and moons Mark

Mark: “I wish I was a who-oa-oa-h
Neil: “I wish I was too but I don’t know the…”

Overall: Picked up as it went along, with a lot of help from Lauren, and we definitely could see her potential for Mock the Week blooming here. Neil gave a lot of fun answers, and Mark and Glenn also did some nice work. Still not as loud as some of the earlier ones this season.

MVP: Phill
Best Guest: Lauren
Best Runner: The Banana Splits

Series 1 Superlatives
Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Jonathan Ross or Graham Norton
Worst Guest: Donna MacPhail, who didn’t add too much.
Best Example of a Musician Having Fun: Bruce Dickinson or Adam Ant
Best Episode: 1×04 or 1×01.
Best Runner: Sweet Roland Falls in Brie (1×04)


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