Nevermind Watchdown: S2E1, or WHATADILEMMA

I’m on so much momentum on this show that I’m already on season 2 in my second day binging. Always a good thing. Also, good thing we’re onto season two because we have people I’ve heard of, guys that have done the show before, like Suggs, or, as he’s known to Chris Eubank, Thuggth. Very happy that he’s back on the show.

You can tell it’s Series 2 because there’s applause breaking through the opener. People are coming to taping, and people are watching. Of course, that’s how we got to 28 seasons in the first place.

Marie du Santiago is our second straight member of Kenickie, although hopefully she’s as funny as Lauren Laverne.

Mark Little is our requisite comic for tonight, and even better is he’s Australian. I can’t wait for this show to go on long enough that they book comedians i’ve heard of.

Oh god, Suggs’ intro clip is Cecilia, which makes me remember the Chris Eubank thing again (thikth…Thethelia, by Thuggth)…and now I’m giggling again.

Another plus to this show getting a second series is that now the pop stars they book are a bit more well known. This episode has Shaggy, of Mr. Boombastic and It Wasn’t Me fame. Apparently he’s still making music, which is crazy.

Oh, wow, they’re STARTING with Indescipherable Lyrics…which is pretty crazy.

Mark says that putting his fingers in his mouth and not moving the tongue makes you sound like Hanson. So Mark lamarr says everybody should try it, and they all do…except for Shaggy. Mark calls him out on that. Phill go “be fair, he’s busy making a dance mix…”

Marie: “Yeah, I know Hanson, I’m down with the kids-”
Sean: “That’s disgusting…”

Mark: “That was Hanson’s hit Mmm Bop, which, coincidentally, is the sound of the little one’s balls dropping.”

The whole time, Mark keeps pissing Shaggy off by going “MMMMMMMM” like a Shaggy noise. Even as he’s trying to give the right answer, Mark’s still going “MMMMMMM.” Mark caps it off: “Shaggy, d’you want some tea?””MMMMMMM.””

Not only does Shaggy know the Mr. Loverman lyrics…he does it in the complete Shaggy voice, the one you all thought was an old white Spanish dude when you were young (just me?).

Mark’s humor is too energetic and too much for this show, I think. He’s trying to come off as the Australian Rich Hall and failing miserably.

Marie: “You’ll have to excuse us for doing this the way I did in math school, which is, you answer C.”
Mark: “Sadly we graded them numerically…”

Mark: “I’m so excited.”

Mark: “You might not ever get rich”
Sean: “But yer….mama’s good looking?”

Mark: “There’s a line in my pocket.”
Marie: “Sorry about that…”

Mark Little: “It’s the lion king. It’s Elton John.”
Mark Lamarr: “I don’t think the Lion King would sing “there’s a lion in me pocket…”

Oooh, they have to do a tiebreaker because they both ended with 15, about how many members of Earth Wind and Fire were onstage during the clip. Very tricky question, especially the way Mark phrased it, by mentioning details about the lead singer that were eventually extraneous.

Overall: Great way to open the season, with a lot of new elements working properly, and the old ones still holding up. I feel like we heard more from Sean’s side than we did from Phill’s, even though all four panelists were in play. Mark Little was a bit too brash for this show, while Marie, like Lauren, cracked me up a bit. Suggs, of course, did a nice job, and I was especially surprised by Shaggy, and how into it he was.

MVP: Sean
Best Guest: by a hair, Lauren, though Suggs is close.
John Sessions award for not shutting up: Mark Little.

One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S2E1, or WHATADILEMMA

  1. Sean: (trying to find the tenuous link between Def Leppard and The Wedding Present) One of them’s from Sheffield [Def Leppard], one’s from Leeds [The Wedding Present] so the connection would be the M62.

    Nice try Sean, but it’s the M1 that connects Leeds and Sheffield.

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