Nevermind Watchdown: S2E2, or I don’t find your STUDENT humor amusing

Still rolling. Now onto the second episode of Series 2, which features the return of two guys that did pretty well their first time out, Tony Wright and Jeff “Sweet Roland Falls in Brie’ Green, as well as two other musicians.

Edwin Collins is a Scottish singer/songwriter. I’ll admit that he looks a bit creepy here. He does, jokingly I hope, give Sean a smooch on the cheek as the team’s announced, which should bode well for his demeanor today.

Gary Barlow, in 1997, was just one of the guys from Take That. Now he’s been a perennial judge on the X Factor, and has made a name for himself as a successful singer/songwriter.

Jeff, like with the Kate Bush video, goes on a very long story about Damon Albarn getting a sugar rush, in an attempt to set up the fake lyrics.
Mark, annoyed: “Jeff, this better be leading somewhere…”

Mark asks Edwin if he actually knows the lyrics.
Jeff: “I just want to say, Edwin, ‘War’ was a fantastic single…”
Edwin, kind of hurt: “Well, Jeff, can I just say that that was Edwin Starr…and I don’t find your STUDENT humor amusing.”

Edwin sounds like he has a very Frankie-Boyle-esque Glaswegian delivery, which is pretty nice.

Edwyn, on Damon Albarn: “I think he’s sexy, though. Got a cute little buttocks…”
Mark: “Not enough to get you to buy a single…”
Jeff: “Maybe buy-sexual (bisexual).”

Phill’s team trying to come up with lyrics is pretty amusing. All of them, in unison, going “we’ve reached the land of Hull” is pretty great.

What I like now about this show is how…disgusted Mark can get during this round, especially toward Phill’s team. He knows they’re just screwing around lyrics-wise, and he’s just watching them go. His displeasure in saying “WOW. ONE POINT EACH.” It really illustrates this.

Edwyn and Sean are trying to do an intro, but keep just falling off, forgetting which instrument to do. In anguish, Sean just takes Edwyn’s beer bottle and basically says “you do the guitar.” Then Mark, who’s clearly hating this episode already, yells “DO THE INTRO!!!!” I mean…there’s something about Mark’s agony that’s making this episode so damned good…

Phill, as Gary and he go up to do Intros: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Take Fat.”

Then, they play with the fact that people thought the show was scripted.
Jeff: “It’s a fix!”
Phill, reading from his notepad: “No, Jeff. It is not.”
Mark, reading from his script: “You weren’t supposed to say that yet, fatty!”
Phill: “Easy, greaseboy.”

On the ID Parade of Darts, Tony: “I reckon the Blues Brothers’ mum has been a bit busy since the film…”
Phill: “#4 looks like the post-modern sort of Ninja Steptoe’s dad. ‘ALBERT!'”

Mark starts his tradition of screwing with the guys during Next Lines by giving them ones from indecipherable lyrics, especially the Vortex one. So Phill has to leaf through his papers, and say the “donkey’ line, for a laugh.

Overall: A very nice show, with great moments in every round, and four panelists that were really into it. Obviously Jeff did the most of the four, but Edwyn was really funny at points, Tony did a bit more than his last time, and Gary played off his Take That stuff. Jeff takes the cake, though, for making a case to simply replace Sean and be here every week.

MVP: Jeff
Best Guest: Edwin
Best Runner: Jeff’s STUDENT humor.


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