Nevermind Watchdown: S2E3, or Toblerone…

Another well-balanced panel. Sean’s team is made up of people we’ve seen before, while Phill’s is made up of 2 guys we haven’t seen yet.

Sean’s team features the return of Richard Fairbrass, who was hysterical his first time out, and Billy Bragg, who had some nice moments but didn’t flat out dominate.

Sarah Blackwood is a singer for Dubstar. Neil Morrissey is an actor/comic. Not a lot of intel on either of these guys.

After the PIL song, Richard guesses that the first line might have been “Goodbye England’s Rose’, which is the mother of all topical jokes, and even gets a gigantic OOOOOOOHHHHH from the audience. The wounds must have been still fresh.
Mark, invisible earpiece: “I’ve just been told the show’s been cancelled.”

Phill, after the Suzy Quattro number, goes “you know, a bloke couldn’t sing and have an orgasm at the time. You know, go ‘I believe in miracles…since you came along….AAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

Best part of Phill’s team’s Indescipherable Lyrics:
Neil: “So she then says ‘let me cack into the needle…..NOT TONIGHT…”
Phill: “Is that a metaphor, cacking into the needle? Hey, Richard, is that a metaphor for anything?”
Mark: “The biblical phrase- ‘it’s easier for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven than for a (something) to cack through a needle”

Even funnier when Phill, with the song, goes “AND LET ME CACK INTO THE NEEDLE- NOT TONIGHT!”

Mark, doing the standup for Intros, goes “AND NO TITLES THIS TIME, PHILL”, after the YMCA incident from last episode.

Richard and Sean do the Intro to Jean Genie, and they do it so well that Billy has the answer early on. He raises his hand…and then Richard and Sean just keep going.

Sean, in the second intro one, does these loud orgasm noises, and then goes “Or as Phill went, “OOOHHH!”

Mark: “In 1986, Bowie played the Goblin King. That was his bisexual period, of course…
and “David’s currently in the studio recording additional tracks for his album Scary Monsters. They’re called Ginger Monsters, Sporty Monsters, Baby Monsters…”

Oh god, Phill and Neil doing Spice Girls cracked me up. Both doing over the top guitar sounds. Phill throwing in some orgasm noises, which could have doubled as Napalm Death noises (RRRRRR!!! RRRRR!!!!) Sarah just falls over laughing.

Mark: “In Italy, the title of Grease was changed to Vaselina, which became Richard’s most disappointing video purchase of all time.”
This has Richard completely losing it laughing. Phill even goes “Richard, why do you even come on..?”

Mark’s standup for Connected: “We present the panelist with two acts that only an imbecile would think had anything in common. We then ask the imbeciles…”

So…the amount of Spice Girls jokes in this episode is alarmingly high. Number of times where Mark just adds the other Spice Girl names to something, like Scary Monsters or Bye Bye Baby.

Mark mentions that Sean’s ID parade round will be on Black Lace. The audience groans. Mark stops his standup to go “Don’t boo, he hasn’t even come on yet…”

Mark: ‘This could be the last time, maybe the last time, I don’t know…shit,I’ve given you the answer.”

Mark: “That’s why I’m easy.”
Sean: “Toblerone…”

Mark: “I’m never gonna dance again.”
Billy: “I’ve broke me leg.”

Mark: “I’m every woman!”
Richard cheers, motioning to himself.
Billy: “It’s inside me!”
Mark: “No, you’re close.”
Billy, pointing to Richard: “It’s inside him!”
Mark: “No.”
Sean: “Toblerone…”

Mark’s tiebreaker involves identifying the gay member of the village people. “Sean’s team, I suggest you have a slight advantage…”

Mark signs off by saying “I’ve been MC Lammer, goodnight.”

Overall: Three episodes in and the show’s finally got it’s groove this season, even after the still-very-good Jeff Green episode. It was mostly the panel just being on that helped this out, as well as the continued running gag of Mark fucking with Richard. Richard, however, did have the best game, followed by Billy, who had some great jokes, Neil, who did a lot of great work on Phill’s side, and Sarah, who didn’t get a ton on. Fantastic job all around, with a ton of running gags flailing in all directions.

Best Guest: Richard (Toblerone…)
NPC of the week: Sarah
Best Runner: Spice Girls jokes.


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S2E3, or Toblerone…

  1. A nice little moment with anagrams during the Connections round as Sean’s team try to link Guns ‘n Roses with Ozzy Osbourne (the round otherwise taken up with Fairbrass’s Toblerone talk)…

    Billy Bragg: I read somewhere that Axl Rose is an anagram of “Rex Asol”… [pronounced “arsehole”]
    Mark: Which page was that in Das Kapital!? I didn’t see that!
    Fairbrass: Also, Ozzy Osbourne is an anagram of “Ooy Sorebunzz”.

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