Nevermind Watchdown: S2E4 or Graham Norton gets his gay card taken away

After a season, and series-so-far, high last episode, we’re onto our second Graham Norton episode, which doubles as our second Matt Priest episode.

Shelly Poole is a singer for Alisha’s Attic. Midge Ure is the frontman for Ultravox, a singer-songwriter, and is the Steve Wozniak of Live Aid.

Phill and Graham on the same panel…oh my this is gonna be so much fun…

Phill: “First line…butcher’s hand in a farting way.”
Midge: “Farting wife. Butcher’s hand in a farting wife.”

I love how the joke translation of the Charlatans song made more sense than the actual lyrics. The guy even said, according to Sean, “it’s about…stuff…”

Number of times Mark has to go over and take Matt’s gum from him: 2 so far. One more in Intros as Matt’s trying to guess one, and Mark goes “IS THAT GUM, PRIEST??”

Sean, guessing Phill’s Intro: “Final countdown, by Carol Voorderman?”

Graham, after missing ‘Fame’. “Man, they’re gonna have to take away my gay card for missing that one. I’ll have been disqualified. Gay Bars everywhere are gonna go “NO, YOU GOT THAT QUESTION WRONG ON NEVERMIND THE BUZZCOCKS!!GET OUT OF TOWN!!”
Mark: “Three more points and you’re out. You’ll have to shag GIRLS!”

Mark: “What’s the exam like, when you get your card?”
Graham: “It’s very tough.”
Mark: “Is it an oral?”

Mark: “At the end of Ghostbusters, the heroes are threatened by a giant marshmallow man. No one knows what became of him, but he was last seen heading for Essex in a bright orange shirt.”
(Phill facepalms)

Just realized that Swords of a Thousand Men was the one they did for Indescipherable Lyrics last series, where Cathy Dennis thought they were saying “barrel of fudge”.

Overall: Not the same punch as last episode, but still very funny, and had a lot of good people on there. Graham was obviously the standout, but Matt and Midge were both really good, and Shelly contributed a bit, though not as much.

MVP: Graham
Best Guest: Midge
Best Runner: Graham doesn’t know any songs.

One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S2E4 or Graham Norton gets his gay card taken away

  1. Butcher’s hand in a farting wife (Arse around)
    Lick a shower pulling kung-fu backwash spray
    You find your coffee in a carbon mound (Arse around)
    Fit a bucket full of bream with a laughing sow

    Graham: These are just pubs now, aren’t they? The Farting Wife, please! The Laughing Sow! The Bucket of Bream!
    Phill: And that famous pub, The Kung-Fu Backwash Spray(!)
    Midge: I don’t think it’s just pubs, I think it’s probably their next tour… ‘cos I think I’ve just done it.

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