Nevermind Watchdown: S2E5

Fine, one more, but then I’ve got to watch the Eagles game.

Episode Five gives us our second Richard Fairbrass appearance of the season, our second Shovell appearance, our second Take That member, and our second TV DJ.

Lisa I’Anson is the aforementioned VJ. Hopefully she’ll bring more personality than the last one.

Mark Owen is another member of Take That, alongside Gary Barlow, who’s been on the show, and Robbie Williams, who has a better chance of swallowing a waste basketful of shit than appearing on NMTB.

Shovell, after the Manics video: ‘I think the whole song is a Welsh village, from start to finish.”
Sean made this exact joke the last time they did a Manics video in this round, and Mark said they lost an entire nation of viewers.

Mark has a great Indescipherable Lyrics round, when he has a food-related dub, and he keeps getting everybody else to sing along.
Sean: “I sense a cover version for the next album.”
Lamarr: “Mark, that was such a treat when you said “EVERYBODY!” THIS ISN’T WEMBLEY, YOU KNOW…”

Mark Owen during the Intros round. I mean…my gosh. For Another one bites the dust, he puts a pen between his nose and lips, and does a full-on Freddie Mercury. It’s astonishing.
Shovell: “Looks like Adolf Hitler’s gone funky!”

Mark Owen: “They called that record Play that Funky Music, White Boy because that was what audience members would yell at their gigs. Which is why Chris DeBurgh’s newest record is called “BOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!”

I knew what Phill and Lisa’s first one was almost immediately, but Phill doing an impression of the lead singer of Bronski Beat may have just made my day.
Mark has to go over to Sean’s team and go ‘HOLD ON….that is happening, isn’t it?’

Richard gets ‘Spirit in the Sky’ almost immediately, and guesses, but Phill stops him and goes “LET ME DO THE GOOD BIT!”

Mark: “In 1981, Blondie’s his ‘Rapture’ kept John Lennon’s ‘Woman’ off the #1 spot…and if you’ve ever heard John Lennon’s woman sing, you’ll know that was a good thing,..”

Phill: “Spinal Tap was a band that was started as a joke, and David Dundass…is a joke.”

Phill: “I mean, [Dundass is] an idiot. I mean, ‘when I wake up in the morning light, I put on my jeans and I feel alright’. HOW STUPID D’YOU HAVE TO BE…to be cheered up by putting your trousers on? [turning] RICHARD?”

Ah, it’s weird. I knew the real Doctor was #4 the second the video ended, but they kept insisting that it was #1, and I was like “really?’

An added bonus tonight: Once Dan McCaffery is guessed correctly, they get him to sing that part of Bad Bad Boy, and he nails it, too.

Come to think of it, this episode more than any other has been playing with format. In Indecipherable Lyrics, Shovell got to SING the correct lyrics over the track. In Connections, Mark got Lamarr to play the clip again, so he could say “Now, Debbie Harry does a look here, kind of like the movie Psycho, while the shot of Toya, here, she looks like a Psycho.” Very loose in terms of format.

Mark tells Sean he needs 15 points in First Lines to win.
Mark: “Stop in the name of love.”
Sean: “Give us 15 points please.”

Mark Lamarr: “You never close your eyes anymore.”
Mark Owen: “When I…when I…”
Shovell, shrugging: “When I’m cleaning windows?”

Lamarr: “When I find myself in times of trouble.:
Owen: “Mother Nature comes to me.”

Sean’s team is just smiling and fiving after their atrocious Next Lines round
Mark: “You really think you got 16 points in that round?”

Overall: The momentum is back thanks to the insane dynamic of Sean’s team. I dunno what it was, but that side was just ON tonight. Phill’s team was funny too, but there was less Richard bashing here, aside from a few jabs from Phill. Lisa had some moments, but not many. Shovell made the most of his return, as well as Mark Owen, having a great time with it all.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Shovell
NPC of the Week: Lisa
Best Runner: Phill hates David Dundass.

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