Getting another one done tonight, because I can. This one is our second Bruce Dickinson one, which is always a nice touch. Still, three others we haven’t met.

Brian Molko, who has the look of a Scottish Jack White, is the lead singer of Placebo, which is a band I’ve vaguely heard of. Tonight he’s wearing something out of his girlfriend’s closet, I think.

Saffron was a singer with Republica. David Baddiel is our comedian, and has worked with Frank Skinner. Good team, but not as good as Phill’s.

Brian, on the Stones song: “I reckon it starts out with ‘All you women cheese…”
Phill, trying to justify: ‘It’s a cheese song, Mark.”

Sean, on the Happy Mundays: “They’d just done a charity gig…”
Mark: ‘I remember hearing about that. When they got to the ‘put your hands in the air’ bit it didn’t go too well…”

Phill, on Intros: “Ah, I’ve been looking forward to this immensely. I look forward to everything immensely, don’t I Mark?”
Brian: “Mm, yeah. Especially dinner.”

Brian: ‘i think Jerry Lee’s just discovered that the piano’s under 12 years old, so he’s trying to get his leg under…”

David, on Axl Rose and Cher: “Axl Rose is an anagram for oral sex, while Cher is an anagram for ‘RECH’.”

Phill’s reaction to the Guys and Dolls ID Parade is great. “He’s too old to remember them, he’s too young to remember them, and I remember them (groan) very well indeed.”
and then “Three and six, although that’s about what they’re worth…”
That causes all six ID Parade people to wince, and look ashamed.
Brian: ‘Well, it’s definitely #6, because she’s not happy about that…”

Mark has to come over to Phill’s side and scold him. “THESE GOOD PEOPLE HAVE COME ON OUR SHOW. YOU APOLOGIZE!”

This is a very light episode, but I’ve got to hand it to Brian. He’s having a hell of a time, even though he’s keeping his cynical demeanor. He’s possibly the weirdest character to be a panelist here, but he’s actually doing a lot.

Overall: Yeah, a very ho-hum show. Not a lot, other than Brian Molko and Phill pissing off the talent, happened. David was funny but didn’t do a lot. Saffron was basically dead. Bruce was great, but didn’t do too much tonight.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Brian
NPC of the Week: Saffron
Best Runner: Bachman Turner Overdrive


6 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S2E6, or, THESE GOOD PEOPLE HAVE COME ON OUR SHOW!

  1. Safrron had a good line in the Connections round, trying to connect Axl Rose and Cher…

    “Is it that both clips end with the shot of an arse?”

  2. Also love Mark struggling to keep a straight face reading out the lyrics from “For America” by Red Box.

  3. Saffron did have a memorable moment – when she and Sean were messing around with “The Lonely Goatherd” (Mark: “how did you both make up the same wrong line?!”)
    And you didn’t mention Brian’s “anything else you’d like me to stick in my mouth?”

  4. I didn’t notice – you had two mis-transcriptions which lost the jokes in question
    1. “Cher is an anagram of RECH” (i.e what you might have to do giving oral sex), and
    2. “Three and six, and that’s about what they were WORTH” (i.e in old British money, three shillings and six pence)

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