Nevermind Watchdown: S2E8 (CHRIIIIIIISSTMAAAAAS Special)

As if the last episode wasn’t enough of a high to go out on, now we have a Christmas Episode added on, featuring another appearance by Jonathan Ross, and an appearance by quite possibly the most famous person to have appeared on the show at this point, Boy George.

Of course they got Noddy Holder, the guy who sang “Merry Christmas Everybody” with Slade, for their Christmas Show. Kinda appropriate.

Not sure what’s weirder…Noddy’s hair, or the fact that Boy George has hair at all.

Louise Wener was the lead singer of Sleeper. Sadly, not as hot as the Louise from last episode.

For the first time since Series 1, they’re doing Freeze Frame.

Mark makes Noddy do his world-famous ‘IT’S CHRIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAS’ from the song at the top of the show.

Noddy: “I was a kid back when the Drifters came out…”
Mark: “Don’t you mean you were a dad?”
Noddy: “No motorways, in them days. Only black-and-white TV. And your hairstyle was fashionable.”
Mark: “…and what year was yours fashionable?”
Sean: “It’s fashionable every [a la Noddy] CHHHHRRIIIISTMAAAAASSS!”

Sean and Noddy do the intro to Johnny Mathis, and Noddy whistles. Mark goes “THAT’S THE INTRO TO THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY!”

Sean and Noddy do their third one, and Boy George is trying to figure it out. Sean, just to fuck with him, starts going “KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA CHA-”

Mark: “George, you a religious man?”
George: “Yeah. I belong to the Church of the Poisoned Mind.”
Mark: “See, he’s plugging his own albums now! Noddy, you got a single coming out?”

Sean, on Shane McGowan and Annie Lennox: “She used to be a Hare Krishna. And that’s how Shane pronounces Merry Christmas.”
Noddy: ‘She was stuck in the Eurythmics, and Shane was stuck in the urinal.”

Noddy: ‘Nobody ever knows the drummers for bands.”
George: “I do…intimately…”
Sean, to the 5 ID paraders: “Could you all just take off your trousers for George?”

One of the ID Parade guys for the Wombles busts up after being called ‘Uncle Omar Sharif’ by Mark.

Jonathan does a process-of-elimination on the ID parade, until he gets to the one on the end: “Bloke at the end….stop looking at me, will ya? There’s no wa-Have you been staring at me the whole time? Do I owe ya money or something? What is it? LOOK AT LOUISE! LOOK AT GEORGE’S DAFT HAT! DON’T LOOK AT ME ALL THE TIME! I *IMPLORE* YOU! I *BESEECH* YOU! STOPPIT! He’s still looking. Mark, you’re in charge, make him look somewhere else, will ya?”
All the while, Phill’s going “GET HIS MEDICATION!”

#1 ends up being the real one, causing Jonathan to go “NO! NO! NO! PIERCING! PIERCING!”
Mark: “This has never happened before on the show, where someone on the ID parade has scared the person…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “I saw mummy sissing- er, kissing Santa Claus.”
Phill: “Mummy? What’s sissing?”

I’m sorry, but Phill and Jonathan during Next Lines cracked me up, because they kept getting everything wrong, and after a while they just started making joke answers. For the 12th day of christmas, they just started doing random lines, each one funnier than the last.

Overall: It helped that everyone was in a great mood, as this was a nice way to end the season. Jonathan and Boy George were the standouts, both hijacking their respective Next Lines rounds, equally funny. Noddy had a nice run, with the callbacks to IT’S CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAS running through the show. Louise didn’t do as much, though, but overall it was a really nice one.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Jonathan

Series 2 Superlatives:
Best Regular: Phill
Best Recurring Guest: Jeff Green
Best Example of a Big Time Musician Having Fun: Boy George, Suggs or Mark Owen
Worst Guest: Saffron
Best Episode: Episode 7.
Worst Episode: Episode 6.
Best Runner: The producers fucking with everyone, Episode 7.


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S2E8 (CHRIIIIIIISSTMAAAAAS Special)

  1. Not even one mention of my favourite moment from that episode – the eulogy about Michael Bolton’s hair, complete with Elton John tribute song “Tangled in the Wind”.

  2. Louise Wener was the lead singer and primary songwriter for Sleeper. After the band split in 1998 she became a novelist.

    STOP PRESS: Earlier this year it was announced that Sleeper are reforming to play the Star Shaped Festival in July and August this year, they’ll be touring alongside other Britpop bands including Dodgy, The Bluetones and Space (other bands whose members have been on NMTB).

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