Nevermind Watchdown: S3E1 or SERIES THREE, BUSINESS AS USUAL

And, fresh off our last Jonathan Ross episode, it’s…oh jesus, ANOTHER ONE?

Yeah, their way of starting off Series 3 was throng in a guy that ended series 2, as well as throwing in Donna McPhail, who had a very quiet appearance in Series 1.

I’m not gonna argue with their judgment, as these are the same producers that made Episode 7 so much fun last year.

Andrew Roachford was the lead singer of Roachford, which is a pretty vain-ass band, and now he’s helping stroke Mike Rutherford’s ego a bit.

Cerys Matthews was the lead singer of Catatonia. Not a ton of personality in these newer guests tonight.

New with Series 3, Freeze Frame is back at the top of the show. Kinda odd that they took it away last season, but either way.

Andrew: “These gigs used to last for four hours, and I’m a musician and four hours is a long time.”
Mark: “I’m a human and I KNOW.”

After Meat Loaf:
Donna: “He looks like an uglier version of Phill there.”

Sean, to Cerys: “You fancy him, don’t you?”
Mark. astonished: “YOU FANCY MEAT LOAF?”
Cerys: “I mean, yes…”
Phill: “YES! YES! YES!”
Mark: “When did you start fancying Meat Loaf, before you’d seen another man?”

Kind of Astonished that Jonathan got 2 Intros right. On his first one, which he was basking in, he just kept singing it. “Everybody!”, he said, assuming everyone would sing along. “NOBODY” replied Mark.

Sean: “I bumped into that bloke from the Verve on the street, the other day…”

Donna: “That guy there [from the Move] is wearing Richard Ashcroft’s nose in his pants.”
Mark: “Donna, can I give you a clue? The connection is NOT in that man’s pants.”

Donna: “Do I get a point for saying that’s Rod Wood over there on the left?”
Mark: “No, because his name’s Roy Wood.”

Jonathan, after the Leiutenant Pigeon video: “WHAT WAS THAT? Were they officially the worst band in the world, Lieutenant Pigeon?”
Mark: “Jonathan, can I just say…watch your step.”
Oh god, he’s here, isn’t he?

The second Jonathan hears that Lieutenant Pigeon’s lead is in ID parade, Phill motions to him, and Jonathan just gets up and tries to leave.

Jonathan: “#5 looks like he’s never been so bored in his life.”
Phill: “Well, let’s look at the possibilities. You’ve been abusing his band all night. Maybe you’ve pissed him off.”

Jonathan: “You know those Michael Caine movies and you look at him and he doesn’t give a toss. #3 looks like that!”
Phill, as Michael Caine: “I’M WEARING…A BLOODY WAISTCOAT!”

Overall: light but fun start to the season. All six panelists were having a good time, though I’ll fault Andrew for being a bit quieter. Donna and Cerys made Sean’s panel very fun, and Jonathan, as usual, was Jonathan Ross. I did love how they reprised the ‘let them make fun of the ID Parade group now’ bit from last series, only to screw Jonathan.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Jonathan
Best Runner: Left-tenant Pigeon

One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S3E1 or SERIES THREE, BUSINESS AS USUAL

  1. Couple of corrections relating to two of the panel…

    Andrew Roachford is now a member of Genesis offshoot band Mike + the Mechanics.

    Catatonia were not a girl group. Cerys was the only female member.

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