Nevermind Watchdown: S3E2, or “YEAH, WE’VE GOT PUH-PAH!”

Well, last season we had Boy George fill our quota for a huge name that I’ve definitely heard of. Now…we have Lemmy Fucking Kilmister

Oh yeah, in addition to having yet another appearance from Richard “More Gay Jokes. MORE.” Fairbrass, and our first appearance of Mani, from Primal Scream and the Stone Roses, we have Lemmy, and that’s kind of awesome. Sure, it’s NMTB folklore that Lemmy stormed off-set during pickups, but nothing made it to tape, and that Lemmy was the first guy to activate the aforementioned ‘Ejector Seat’, but I’m just happy because it’s fucking Lemmy.

Instead of introducing the regulars first, Mark dives into the guests. Odd.

Rick McMurray was the drummer of Ash.

Lemmy, upon opening shots, looks actually pretty happy to be here.

Starting tonight is a new round, I Fought the Law, about music lawsuits.

Phill: “I do have to say, as you said ‘The Clash, rock and roll outlaws”, this one [points to Lemmy] started going “HAH…HAAH…HAH…”

Phill: “Knicking pillowcases. It’s not very clash, is it?”
Lemmy: “Yeah, it is…”

OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED THAT LEMMY HAS TO DO INTROS…oh dear…this could be fantastic…

Richard, on Mani and Sean’s intro: “It’s not the theme from Free Willy, is it?”
Sean: “You got a bit of a shock when you saw Free Willy, didn’t you? “Aw, it’s about a whale! SHIT!”

Phill, realizing he has to do Intros with Lemmy: “looking forward to this….”
Mark: “Yeah, we all are…”

During Phill and Lemmy trying to do ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon’, Mark runs over to Rick and goes “it’s alright, it’ll all be over soon…”

Phill, still on the Lemmy report: “He’s watching that clip of Bucks Fizz, and he goes to me “VERY LIKE OASIS, REALLY…”

Mark tries reading out the scores: “Phill’s team has three, but Sean’s team puh-pah”

Mark, trying to start First Lines: “Black is black”
Sean: “PUH-PAH!”

Mark: “Echo Beach.”
Richard: “PUH-PAH!”
Mark: “Maybe we should start again, because the Puh-Pah isn’t gonna make it into the final show!”
Yeah, but Dara said that about Anal Lube, so…

Mani gets a good 4 questions in a row, so Richard and Sean just sit back. Mark even goes “you two can join in at any point, you know…”

Mark: “Novacaine for the soul.”
Lemmy: “Puh-paah… no, sorry…”

Mark: “Psycho Killer. qu’est-ce que c’est.
Phill: “Fa-fa-fa-faaaah,fa-fa-fa-fa-faaah–”
Lemmy: ‘puh-paah!”

Overall: A very weird show. True, Sean’s team was really nice, and all played well, but there wasn’t a lot of focus on them. Lemmy got most of the focus, and he was very loose, very craggy, and very tired. I could see his patience beginning to stray by the end, though. He was a nice panelist, but he was definitely out of his element. Still, it was kind of funny watching him like that.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Mani
Best Runner: “PUH-PAH!”


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S3E2, or “YEAH, WE’VE GOT PUH-PAH!”

  1. By this point the regulars were pretty much established so they only needed introducing at the start of the series by this point.

    Lemmy sadly passed a couple of months since you wrote your review. I enjoyed his appearance very much, despite his walk-off during the re-takes (though as you say it doesn’t show in the actual programme).

    It’s Bucks Fizz (as in the drink made with champagne and orange juice), not Box Fizz.

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