Nevermind Watchdown: S3E3, or, Not Metal, Don’t Know

Throwing in another one tonight. This is our second Tony Wright episode, and while the other three are new to this show, one of them isn’t especially new to me.

Well, this is embarrassing. Toyah Wilcox is on the show tonight, and the NMTB crew has had a ton of jokes at Toyah’s expense over the last few seasons. So…let’s hope they’re nice tonight.

Saul Davies is the lead singer of James. Well, then.

John Moloney is a comedian, one that was on an episode of the short-lived Scottish NMTB-but-with-Sci-Fi show Space Cadets.

Mark, explaining the Sean Ryder story: “A pissed Sean went out to buy…OOOH, I WONDER WHAT HE’D BE OUT BUYING!!”

Saul, top of Intros: “Which one we doing?”

Sean and Saul doing the intro to Vienna. I’m getting Space Cadets flashbacks again.

The running gag in Phill’s Intros is Tony can’t get any of the songs, because they’re ‘not metal.’ The refrain ‘not metal, don’t know’ starts up. First round of ID Parade, Sean goes “#4- look, Tony, it’s metal!”

Sean: “#1 looks like he’s been in a lot of ID Parades in the past. He’s just doing the straight face thing they do in a police lineup.”

Mark, trying to make a sophisticated joke: “5 Runners to choose from. Do you…GE-Know who’s the real one?”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Down Down
John: ‘Deeper and Deeper
Mark, pointing to Tony: “METAL!”

Overall: A blah episode. True, having Toyah there was fun, and having Tony not get any questions that didn’t pertain to metal was a great gag, but there were many lulls, and John’s jokes didn’t especially get things off the ground.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Tony
Best Runner: Metal


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