Nevermind Watchdown: S3E4

Three new guys and Graham Norton. I dunno, looks pretty promising.

Louis Eliot was the lead singer of Realto. Zoe Ball was a host of the Big Breakfast, and was on Strictly Come Dancing for a while.

Keith Duffy was a member of Boyzone. I kind of forgot the big boy-band craze of the late 90’s also spread to the UK.

YAAAY, Indecipherable Lyrics is back. I was worried for a few episodes back there.

Louis: “I got ‘everybody Alopecia’
Mark: “Not a great dance craze, that was?”

Mark: “Michael Jackson was a big fan of Boyzone, until he discovered that it was a band, not a backstage area…”

I just realized…Sean’s panel is entirely irish, and Phill’s panel is entirely British. UK WARS!!

Graham, on the real lyrics: “Dreams, they can come true, you can meet someone from Boyzone.”
Sean: “He’s not GAY, Graham!”

Phill, before he and Zoe start Intros: “Do it like Lemmy- do nothing and scare me all night…”

Mark: “In 1976 the presenter of ITV’s Today Program was famously sacked after the Sex Pistols swore on his show. Well, we’ve come a FUCK of a long way since then.”

Phill, on the Boney M ID Parades: “It’s Musical Youth’s mums!”

During the clip of Davy Jones on Coronation Street, you can vaguely hear Phill yelling “IT’S SEAN! IT’S SEAN!”

Graham, after Keith gets them their first point in Next Lines: “WE GOT ONE!!! YAAAYYY!”
(Round Ends)

Overall: Another weak show, one even Graham and a game Zoe could save. Very quiet panels.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Graham
Best Runner: “They’re not real monkeys!”

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