Nevermind Watchdown: S3E5

I just don’t get it.

Putting Shovell and Mark Owen on the same team last time went really well. So why have them split up, playing for separate teams? I just don’t understand it. Still, great to have both of them back.

Rick Witter was the lead singer of Shed Seven. Richard Morton is an effeminate Newcastle comedian.

Shovell, on Bismillah: “I believe the actual pronunciation is ‘Bi-Smeller’. It’s someone who sniffs the arses of men or women.”

Mark Owen: “I think he’s actually saying Colette’s ass.”
Lamarr: “The smell of Colette’s ass?”
Sean: “That sounds like Chris DeBurgh’s next single…”

Not loving Richard. He’s a bit too talkative for me. He just keeps talking over the Intros round, not really letting anything sink in.

Great moment. As Rick and Phill do Brown Sugar, really well, too, Shovell stands up and starts doing a perfect Mick Jagger.

Phill and Rick’s version of Oasis is telling Shovell to fuck off before the song begins, and then breaking up the song just to fight with each other.

Phill, to Shovell, as he tries to get the title, “THINK! THINK, SHINY-HEADED MAN!”

Mark: “Keith Richards said he once stayed up for 9 straight hours. Well, once you start a game of Trivial Pursuit…”

Mark dubs #4 on the ID Parade Rick Wakeman, which is so accurate that it cracks the guy up. He then says #5 is Leo Sayer, which people in the audience somehow applaud. Mark goes “It’s been 20 years since someone’s gone “YEEAHHH” to Leo Sayer.”

Overall: Again, with the exception of Shovell and Mark’s impression-off, not a lot going on. Richard was a momentum killer, Mark Owen didn’t do as much as last time, and Rick peaked in Intros. This season NEEDS to get out of this lull.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Shovell
Best Runner: Shovell’s Impressions.


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