Nevermind Watchdown: S3E6, or AT THE END OF THE QUIZ…NOT TELLING!

Always nice to see three really good guests we’ve seen before.

Math Priest, Lauren Laverne and Jeff Green are all here tonight, along with Tom Robinson, a famed singer and gay activist. Glad to see he’ll be snuggling up to Phill tonight.

Math thinks the ‘pompitous’ is like a Mexican Wave, “but in Portsmouth.” There’s a great moment when all three of Phill’s team members just start doing this silly wave to the left and the right.

Mark says that ‘pompitous’ might be another word for an erotic female puppet.
phill: ‘And ‘erotic female puppet’ once again brings us back to Ginger Spice, doesn’t it?”
Mark: “Apart from the ‘erotic’ and ‘female’ bit.”

Sean, in doing as ‘someone in the band’ would do, inadvertently abandons Lauren by just moving to the back of the screen and not doing anything…which Mark scolds him for. “You were basically a bystander in that round!”

Before he and Phill’s Intro, Tom pulls out a kazoo and plays an E, saying they have to be in the right tune. Phill even goes “I’ve never done that before.”

Tom and Phill, on their third, both do jump-roping, jumping up and down frantically. Mark yells at Math to ‘COME AND WATCH IT FROM OVER HERE!”

ID Parade:
Sean: “Two looks like he’s been in Vietnam…and he’s not gotten over it yet!”
Mark: “Oh, he’s not happy, leave him alone.”

Lauren: “#2 looks so angry I’m scared.”
Mark: “#2’s gonna be the one on top of the BBC building picking you all off as you leave.

Always nice when they get an ID Parade act I’ve heard of. The Vapors. Turning Japanese. Yeah, I know that one.

A lot of really nice Lauren stuff this episode. Especially the bit about her associating Turning Japanese with the devil. Especially Mark giving her shit about it. “Hi, I’m Beelzebub, and here’s my proof- TURNING JAPANESE I THINK I’M TURNING JAPANESE-”

Even better is all the masturbation references in talking about Turning Japanese. Phill going “I’d love to shake that man’s han-well, no, I really wouldn’t.”

Tom: “Not #3, because he must have been 4 years old when it came out.”
Mark: “It does stunt your growth…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know.”
(Lauren just face palms)

After Next Lines:
Jeff: “How many did we get? Must have got about 20.”
Mark: “Well, I’m just about to tell you, Jeff. Don’t keep asking ‘oh, how many you gonna get?” I’m not gonna go “AT THE END OF THE QUIZ…NOT TELLING! GOOD NIGHT!”

Overall: THAT WAS WHAT WE NEEDED! Not only was the panel on, but there were enough running gags to make up for the last few episodes. Lauren Laverne did the most of the guests, though Tom, Math and Jeff were also really good, even if Jeff wasn’t as gonzo as usual. It was a fresher show, and it got REALLY GOOD around ID Parade.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Lauren


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S3E6, or AT THE END OF THE QUIZ…NOT TELLING!

  1. Just imagine this singing Turning Japanese and you’ll know what Lauren Laverne is talking about…

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