Nevermind Watchdown: S3E7 or The One with the Invisible Trombones

Capping off Series 3, a season with a slow middle and rousing edges, is an episode with Billy Bragg and Jonathan Ross, which does mean it could be a nice one.

Justin Currie is the lead singer of Del Amitri. I didn’t think I’d heard of them until I heard Roll to Me in his intro. That song charted in the US, and has definitely gotten some radio play. I just didn’t know they were Scottish.

Mary Anne Hobbs is a Radio One DJ. Like all the other DJs that have been on this show, sure to make for some interesting television.

Mark sums up everything by introing Jonathan with ‘Phill’s second guest…oh no, he’s back again…”

Justin, on Collins and Oribison: “I think I know this. Collins used to do a song called ‘Coming in your ear’…and that used to be part of the Big O’s stage act.”
Mark: “Is that the kind of joke I think it is?..”

Justin: “Is the connection that Orbison played the devil’s music, so they say he went straight to hell…”
Mark: ‘And what does Phil Collins have to do with that?”
Justin: “Well, what do you think they play in hell 24 hours a day?”

Jonathan, on Chris DeBurgh and Mark King: “Level 42…you get to Level 42 of the game Sonic the Hedgehog, you meet a big monster who looks like Chris DeBurgh.”

Mark gives Jonathan so much shit in the Intros round. After Jonathan basically yells out the title for Mary Anne, Mark goes “that’s the first time you’ve actually guessed one, Jonathan!”

Mark, after Jonathan already gave away the answer: “Obviously I can’t give the point there, but I will pass it over.”
(Billy, Jonathan and Sean are all reading oversized prop newspapers)

Plus, Jonathan keeps bringing back the invisible trombone from the first one at random, which Mark keeps giving him even more shit over.

Jonathan: “It’s like password, you say what you see. I see two fat blokes making twats of themselves.”
Phill: “With their invisible trombones.”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Some people might say my life was in a rut”
Jonathan: “Other people might say I’ve been on this show too fuckin’ often.”
Mark: “And I’d be cheerleading them.”

Overall: Not as good as last episode, but still a solid, funny show to end on, mostly aided by Jonathan and Mark. Billy and Justin were pretty good too, and Mary Anne…did about as much as most DJs do on this program.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Jonathan
Best Runner: Invisible Trombones

Not gonna do superlatives for this one, because this wasn’t the greatest series.

4 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S3E7 or The One with the Invisible Trombones

  1. And nearly 20 years later, there are still people who go through life without thinking of grouting…

  2. There’s a great non-sequitur moment as Mark passes an intro over to Sean’s team (the Macarena to be exact), and it cuts to Sean’s team who are all reading newspapers for no reason whatsoever. (Justin has The Guardian, Sean has The Times, and Billy has a sport supplement from The Guardian)

    • I see you’ve already pointed this out, but it’s such a great gag it was worth repeating.

  3. Lamarr: Jonathan, you’ve done hundreds of shows in your career. How many shows have you ever been on before where you’ve played your invisible trombone and dribbled down your chin? You must be happy.
    Wossy: There’s one home video…

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