Nevermind Watchdown: S4E1 or The One with Fantasia

This is weird. All four players are new to NMTB, but two of them are not new to the big blog. Bill Bailey, who will eventually take the reins of Sean’s panel (rather successfully I might add), as well as being a standout on QI, is here, along with Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer’s partner and crime and a guy who never lost an episode of QI.

Phill is now sporting his world-famous facial hair, which we met him on QI with.

Chris Moyles is, sigh, yet another DJ. Do they not learn? James Broad is the lead singer of Silver Sun. No relation to the Silversun Pickups.

Phill, on Suede and The Monkees: “Davy Jones…he’s got the same name as David Bowie, David Bowie’s real name is David Jones. So the Monkees have got a bloke with David Bowie’s name, and Suede…have got a bloke with David Bowie’s *act.*”

Sean, noticing Chris, Phill and Bill wearing red, yellow and black: “We just want to ask why Phill’s team is dressed as the German flag tonight…”

James on Eddy Grant and Slade: “Slade’s lead singer is called Noddy, and Eddy, this is ironic, but Eddy’s got little ears…”

Vic is making fun of Slade, and Mark turns the tables on him by playing a clip from a song HIS BAND played in the early 90’s, a really bad one called ‘Fantasia’, just to screw with him. Maybe this is revenge for Bob Mortimer completely taking over on his last time on. Plus, he just keeps playing it whenever he wants.

Sean, trying to get back on track: “Did they both cover Fantasia?”
Vic: ‘You’ll all be singing’ it tomorrow…”

Mark: “Well, if you haven’t a clue, I’m afraid I have to pass it over…”
Bill, caught off guard: “Uh….DEUTCHLAND DEUTCHLAND UBER ALLES!”
Mark: “In fact, that was the b-side to…”

After the second Intros one for Phill’s team is one of Vic’s new, good band’s songs. Mark goes “Dizzy, of course, we’ve all enjoyed at parties and weddings, but I don’t think it was Vic’s finest hour, I think it was this” and Fantasia plays yet again…

Chris, of course, can’t get any of the three Intros.
Vic: “Chris have you ever heard any music?”
Phill: “I’ll tell you what, Vic Reeves, and I know one tune that Chris Moyles HAS heard, and I think it’s this!”
On cue, Fantasia starts playing. Now Bill and Phill start dancing to it.

Phill, on the St. Winnifred Choir ID Parade: “St. Winifred was really the patron saint of khaki novelty singles. They previously cast their praises on a piece called Fantasia from the northeast end…”
Mark: “I remember that one. Didn’t it go a bit like this?”
(A much faster version of Fantasia starts playing)
Phill: “I do think it’s gone a bit faster”
Mark: “That was the dance version.”

Phill: ‘Now your lead singer, the one with no teeth…did she have her teeth punched out by Musical Youth in a backstage fight?”

Sean, on his ID Parade group: “How can they stand so still?”
Mark: “Because they’ve heard this. (fantasia starts playing again) They’re mesmerized.”
Now Vic begins to grit his teeth a bit.

Next Lines:
Mark: ‘Won’t you come home?”
Bill: “Bill Bailey!”

Just when you think they’re about to sign off without mentioning it one more time.
The song plays, and everybody sings along.

Overall: OH MY GOD….that was a hysterical episode. This is proof that if you have a really good running gag, and if you keep putting it in, it can turn an okay panel into a hilarious one. Because yeah, Chris and James were kind of quiet, and Bill and Vic, as expected were great, but the regulars carried this one, as well as the Vic-Mark dynamic. I think Mark had been wanting to do this ever since Shooting Stars.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Bill


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