Nevermind Watchdown: S4E2 or “MOYLES!!”

Tony Wright and Bob Mills make appearances tonight. Tony I remember very well, because he specializes in only knowing about metal. Bob…I don’t remember as well.

Not exactly sure about what Mark is referring to at the top of the show. I think he’s insinuating that Chris Moyles was complaining about how he was treated on the show? I’m not sure who the photo is of. Either way, he ends it by saying “Nevermind the Buzzcocks, the show that says sorry seems to be the hardest word…whereas ‘DIE YOU OILY PIG IN A DUNCE HAT’ rolls off the tongue quite nicely…”

Bez, best known for dancing in the foreground of Black Grape and Happy Mondays concerts, is here tonight. Apparently he’s on kind of often. Glenn Gregory was the lead singer of Heaven 17. He also sang on the Band Aid single…you probably don’t remember his bit.

Before the 1st round, Mark hands the guests some cushions, saying “I’d hate for anyone to leave saying they had a bad time or anything…”

Apparently the contempt toward Chris Moyles carries through the show, as Sean says, of Gary Numan, “well, he’s a laugh a minute, unlike Chris Moyles.”

Mark, after the Numan attempt: “That can’t be your real answer.”
Sean: “No, it’s ‘here in my car, beep beep, alone in my car, beep beep…”

Tony, interpreting Busta Rhymes: “The next line is ‘I did a freak shit.”
Mark: “…which is?”
Tony: “You know, when you can’t get your overalls down in time…”

Sean, in his first Intro, “whispers” to Bob “THE ANSWER’S ON MY COCK! IT’LL BE OUR LITTLE SECRET!”
Phill: “Sean, if the answer was on your cock, the only bang you could get on there is U2!”

As Phill and Glenn are doing their third Intro, Mark comes by, in an apron, with a tray of pastries. Phill motions ‘not now.’ This is amazing, especially because of how sarcastic they’re being to the whole Chris Moyles thing. It’s the right kind of sense of humor to have about it.

After 2 straight rounds of either Bob or Mark basically giving Tony the answer in Intros:
Phill: “Wow, Mark and Bob…everyone’s so helpful…AND NICE…ON THIS SHOW!”
Mark: “MOYLES!!!”
Mark: “It’s like a Scooby Doo ending. ‘We would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that pesky fat cunt Moyles!!”

Tony: “I think #1 and #4”
Phill: “Tony, it can’t be #1 and #4 because it was a LADY…and a bloke.”

Mark: ‘Yeah, #1 did give herself away by smiling and nodding when she came out.”
Phill: “Did she? I didn’t notice?”
Mark: “She must be just really happy to be in front of a crowd again.”
#1 bites her lip and glares at Mark.
Mark: “Like, for the camera it was all smiles and grins, but when she looked over it was like Lemmy relived.”

Phill guesses #1 and #3, and says there was a really good leg move the girl did in the video, that he wants to see them replay.
Mark: “I’ll tell you what. If you’re right, I’ll get her to do it for you.”

Of course, #1 and #3 are right, and Mark says ‘but that’s not enough. Do the kick.
#1- “I can’t! I haven’t got on any knickers!”

Phill, guessing: “I dance like a twat. Was there ever a single called ‘I dance like a twat’?”
Mark: “Probably the first single you ever bought, wasn’t it Bez?”

At the very end, everyone treats themselves to cakes, sportsmanlike and jovial. Phill’s team starts singing We Are the World.

Overall: Coming off the Chris Moyles controversy, this episode may have been funnier than the one he was on. Where that episode had an okay panel and one amazing running gag, this one had a great panel and SEVERAL amazing running gags, with Bez’ prescription drugs, Tony only knowing metal, the leg kick, and, of course, the sarcastic ‘let’s all be nice’ in response to Moyles. All four panelists were great, having a ton of fun, and it was a solidly put together episode.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Bob
Best Runner: Chris Moyles is a twat.


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S4E2 or “MOYLES!!”

  1. Phill’s doing an impression of Blakey the inspector from 1970s British alleged sitcom “On the Buses”. “I ‘ate yew, Moyles!”

  2. Joe, check it out, Joe!
    I did a freak shit, it cost my momma three quid
    Shakatak are in the crapper but I keep it secret
    When I get my butt up to the wall I like to keep it [up against the wall]
    I’ve got three buttocks in a trap (pea-pit)
    The bowl is an issue that I pour my tea with
    The big money vicar got a pot of Ski Whip.

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