Nevermind Watchdown: S4E3, or Never Mind Mutiny on the Bounty

After the Fantasia Episode, and the Moyles Episode, we’ve reached a bit of a streak already in Series 4. Tonight’s episode features two people we’ve seen before, Neil Hannon and Tom Robinson, and they’re both welcome. Emmy-Kate Montrose is treading familiar territory, as she’s the third member of Kenickie to appear on the show, and judging by the other two she should be pretty nice. Keith Chegwin is a famous TV presenter.

Tom on Bootee Call: “I think it’s something that pirates say. Like, “JIM, LAD, WE FOUND THE TREASURE.”
Mark: “Tom Robinson and his Pieces of Eight material, ladies and gentlemen…”

Sean, on Sussudio: “Keith, you got any idea?”
Keith: “I think it’s some reference to masturbation.”
Mark: ‘What, cause he did [grabs groin area] in the middle?”
Keith: ‘Yeah, and then he grabbed the microphone.”
Sean: “Do you do that when you’re wanking?”
Keith: ‘…..sometimes.”
Mark: “Keith…I think all of us, apart for Tom, who grew up as kids watching you on television, don’t want to know about you masturbating. There are only so many mental pictures I can file away, and that ain’t gonna be one of them…”
Phill: “No wonder you were so perky on Saturday Superstore!”

Phill, summing it all up: “We turned up in the studio, there was some load of old wank about pirates, and then Cheggers started talking about walloping…”

Sean, as Tom fails in Intros: “Well Tom lad, ya listen to the song, and ye get the tune!”
Tom: “OH, AAARRRRR!!!”
Mark, dumbfounded: “You’re watching Never Mind the Mutiny on the Bounty.”

During Sean’s team’s Intros:
Keith: “Shut it, I didn’t butt in when you were doing yours.”
(Sean even looks over at Phill and goes ‘ooooh…’
Phill: “Cheggers Plays Tough.”

Mark: “Michael Jackson says the first album he ever bought was a Smokey Robinson single, Mickey’s Monkey, which must have inspired him later in life. We can only hope he didn’t buy his second single, ‘Fiddlin’ About With Kids'”
Tom flat out facepalms

Overall: Yeah, obviously not as good as the first two this season, but not without its merits, especially involving Cheggers completely destroying his child-friendly image, and a few Mark jokes. Neil was a lot more quiet this time, Tom was definitely having a great time, Emmy-Kate was quiet, but still in the same vein as her fellow bandmates.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Tom
Best Runner: Pirate Jokes


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