Nevermind Watchdown: S4E4, or Blue Peter joke a go-go

This is a bit of an odd one, as all four panelists are people we’ve never seen on the show before. Very risky, but let’s see if it works out.

Mark’s opening line is even wicked tonight: ‘The program that says ‘Love don’t live here anymore…she had to move out after Cobain shot himself..”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor sand lead vocals with the audience. Sean Cullen is a Canadian comedian and impressionist. Ken McAlpine is the keyboard player for The Supernaturals. Jayne Middlemiss is a TV presenter and DJ. Because it went SO WELL the last time.

Sophie: “You know, if you squash Celine Dion, you get Ricki Lake.”
Mark: “You know, I’d like to try it…”

Mark and Sean start milking the whole ‘Sophie’s mom used to present Blue Peter’ angle very early on, sending her recyclables for collection, a stuffed monkey, and Mark shows her a picture of his tortoise, which has PUFF DADDY written on the shell.
Sophie: “How long are you gonna make this joke?”
Mark: “Oh…hours…”

The array of accents on Phill’s team…my gosh…

Mark: ‘let’s get Sophie in the mood with something she might know…”
(A song from Blue Peter comes on.)

Hughes to Cullen: “D’you wanna do the Canadian National Anthem first to get ‘you’ in the mood?”

Sophie, trying to think of the title: “You know that thing where you can’t quite get to the bit where…”
Sean: “Stupidity, it’s called?”
Sophie: “I’M ON YOUR TEAM!!!”

Phill, in trying to give a clue to Ken about I Want You Back, goes, very quickly, “iwanchaba”, like in the song. Mark calls him out, saying “THAT’S THE TITLE OF THE SONG! THAT’S A FAIRLY BIG CLUE.”
Phill: ‘I didn’t say the title! I said “CHI-BU-WOO!” That’s not the title! It didn’t go to the top of the charts with CHI-BU-WOO! “And, at #1, it’s the Jackson 5 with CHI-BU-WOO!”
Then Mark and Phill start going back and forth about whether or not he went chi-bu-woo. Now Sean Cullen starts clapping, cheering them on.

In the excitement of the argument, Sean throws the monkey to Phill’s side. Afterwards, Mark goes “Right, let’s get rid of that monkey.” Phill, not getting it, just gets up and leaves.
As Phill comes back Mark goes “Ah, Gorillas in the Mist. In the jungle, the mighty jungle…”
Phill, like a-weem-a-way: “AH-CHI-BU-WOO, AH-CHI-BU-WOO!”

Then, the entire panel starts going into a rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and Mark REALLY gets into it, ending it by punting the monkey across the room.

After Jayne botches another Intro, Mark: “Jayne, can I just say…you’re the most unmusical person we’ve ever had on the show…and we’ve had someone from Boyzone.”

Freeze Frame:
Sean: “Does she start singing OOOOO CAAANAADDAAA…”
Cullen: “Magicians lie on me…”

Phill, on what happens next in the Mamas and Papas video: “Basically, what happens next. The hippie movement imploded with the end of the Vietnam war. And, the eventual Watergate Scandal and the collapse of the Nixon administration, led to a number of feeble, left wing administrations, which led to a strengthening of the right.”
Mark: ‘No-no, I meant what happens next in this video.”
Phill: “Oh, oh, right. Does the fat bird fall over?”
Mark: “What was that, the collapse of the hippie movement? Is that what you’re saying?”

Mark says that “Mama Cass died in 1974 in a London flat after choking on a sandwich. Surprisingly, Keith Moon died a few years later in the very same flat. He tripped over a body and banged his head on the ceiling.”
Oh my gosh, Mark Lamarr…

Next Lines:
Mark: “I.”
Cullen: “…love chicken.”
Mark: ‘That wasn’t a hit over here.”

One last way of fucking with Sophie. Last shot of the show, Phill and Sean come over to Mark’s frame, and Mark goes “from me Sean and Phill…bye bye”. Cut to Sophie, actually enjoying this one.

Overall: Another very strong, runner-based episode, fueled by Mark and Sean fucking with Sophie and making Blue Peter jokes. The women did the most work of the guests, with Sophie and Jayne making definite personality, and Sean Cullen throwing in a few jokes.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Jayne
Best Runner: Blue Peter jokes

One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S4E4, or Blue Peter joke a go-go

  1. The Mama Cass/Keith Moon joke is one of my favourites from the early series. Humour so black even someone like Frankie Boyle can’t match it!

    Also, while Series 4 was the first to be made in widescreen, this was the first episode to actually be transmitted in full 16:9 widescreen with the launch of Sky Digital the day before this episode went out.

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