Nevermind Watchdown: S4E6

I only recognize one name off this episode’s panel, and it’s a very good one. Arthur Smith, gonzo comedian extraordinaire, and occasional Whose Line and QI star, is on this one, his first of a few. With him alone I do have some confidence here.

Jimmy Constable was the lead singer of 911. Mark Chadwick was the lead singer for The Levellers, a more rock-oriented band. Mel Giedroyc is a talk show host and second banana to Sue Perkins.

Arthur, on Billy Idol and Andrew Lloyd Webber: “You said that Billy Idol was in a bad motorbike accident. Well Andrew Lloyd Webber LOOKS like he’s had one…”

Then, Arthur goes on: “Andrew Lloyd Webber used to write with Tim Rice…and…erm…Billy Idol likes tinned rice.”

Arthur: “Webber used to be married to Sarah Brightman-”
Sean: “And HE was the looker in that relationship…”

There’s a running gag started early, where Arthur says that Jimmy is better looking than Sean, and it keeps going that everyone is better looking than Sean, even Sarah Brightman. It just keeps building.

Phill, on Dolly Parton and Pulp: “Does Jarvis collect Dollies, and Dolly collect co-oh, no she can’t…”

So far I’m loving the dynamic here. Arthur is reaching across the panels about the ‘open up the breast floodgates’ line, and they’re biting back. It’s really fun so far.

After Sean’s first intro, Mark tells them to stop the clip, because they were making a sound that apparently wasn’t in it. Arthur, the voice of reason, goes “The point is, Mark, they got it right…it’s just you being horrible because Sean’s upset that everyone now realizes he’s ugly.”

So Sean and Jimmy’s Intros are terrible, and Arthur can only get one of them, even with comb assistance. So Mark has Phill and Mel do one for Arthur.
Arthur can’t get it…Mark can’t get it…suddenly, Phill goes “I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS!”

By comparison, Mark gets Wild Thing in 5 seconds.

Next Lines:
Mark: ‘When the night has come.”
Arthur, only remembering some of the words: “And the moon is rrrrr…and the rrrrr is…errrghh..”
Mark: “Is this some sort of Grand Prix you’re watching? “When the night is RREEAAARGGHHH…and the land is RREEAAARGHHH…”

Overall: A slower show, with only some Arthur highlights to keep us through. Mark and Jimmy didn’t really make any impact, and Mel was only semi-helpful. If this was indeed the series finale, we’d be screwed.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Arthur
Best Runner: Sean is ugly.


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