Nevermind Watchdown: S4E7

Well, once again, to quote Noddy Holder, IIIIT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAAASS!!!

I mean, even if Mark’s opening standup is cynical, it’s still funny: “Remember, Christmas is about one man. A man who’s touched all our lives. He’s been around for nearly 2000 years, he’s had wonders to perform….but sadly, we couldn’t get Noddy Holder, so there’s no real point…besides, the BBC are bound to rerun this show in July, so we’re making this summer themed instead.”

Huey Morgan, lead singer of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, makes his first (of, in his words, ‘what, nine or so episodes?’) tonight, and he at least looks relatively happy tonight, mainly because Rizzle Kicks are not hosting.

Natalie Appleton is a member of all saints. Surprisingly the least well known panelist tonight.

Rick Wakeman, keyboardist from Yes, is here, another big-time rock icon that I’m still kind of amazed is on the show…multiple times, too.

…How did they get fucking Sporty Spice on the show? I mean, yeah, Mel B is on next series, but this is in the HEIGHT of Spice Girls-mania, maybe a little after. So…getting somebody like that in their prime…that takes a ton of skill.

One Indescipherable Lyric in and I already like Huey, him saying that the line ‘she’s a happy ass’ refers to a donkey the Ramones let into the mosh pit.

Rick, on the Bee Gees video: “Interesting thing is the windows weren’t broken when they started singing there…”

Rick trying to decipher the lyrics nearly scares Mark, especially when he adds the line “inside a Bee Gee you need lots of booze.”
Mark: “I never thought anyone could lower the tone of this program. ‘Never Mind the Prog-Rock Legend’.
Rick: “…you wait til you hear the chorus…”

The Intros round didn’t have a lot on lines, but had a ton on visuals, from Phill and Mel standing on chairs, to Rick writing a letter to his gran, to Huey momentarily losing the ability to speak…just a ton of great moments.

I’d like to let you all know that when Mark gives Huey one of his own lyrics to complete (“Stick ’em up punk”), he smirks, nods and gives the next line. I think Huey just fucking hates Rizzle Kicks.

Overall: I didn’t right all the highlights down, but there were a ton, and this was a very loose, very fun panel, especially with Demented Rick Wakeman and Huey “I perpetually look like I want to kill someone” Morgan. Even Mel C did a nice job, while Natalie was a bit quieter. A lot of nice moments, and a lot of looseness.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Rick
NPC of the Week: Natalie
Best Runner: Rick’s dark answers.


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