Nevermind Watchdown: S5E1

I feel like Series 5 starts a new period in NMTB’s chronology. Now they’re out of the woodwork, now people are watching, and now they’re able to have bigger guests. Tonight, Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran is on, which is pretty freaking cool, as well as Ian Dury of blockheads fame. This episode aired about a year before Dury passed away, which is pretty sad.

Karen Poole was in Alisha’s Attic, and now is a prominent songwriter. Kathy Burke is our comedian, and she’s a member of the Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders repertoire company of the 90’s.

I love this- Mark basically says at the beginning of the Cliff Richard round of Connected that they shouldn’t really make ‘Cliff Richard is gay’ jokes. That is all that Sean ends up making.
Kathy: “The Cure had a song pulled after the gulf war-”
Sean: ‘And Cliff Richard was IN the gulf war! He was entertaining the troops, one at a time!”

But of course, Mark strikes back: “In 1995 Cliff Richard became Sir Cliff, after being knighted by the queen. It must have given him enormous pleasure to be on his knees in front of a queen.”

Karen: “Is it Emma is Baby Spice, and Ozzy Osbourne bites the heads off of babies?”
Mark: “OH. I don’t…I don’t think he does…”

Phill: “Does Ozzy Osbourne think that the Spice Girls are four astronaut ladies?”
(No one laughs.)
Mark: “HAHAHA. I got that one! You see, they didn’t…”
Mark: “Very well known fact about Ozzy Osbourne. That and he eats babies, apparently…”

Before Phill and Kathy’s Intros, Kathy asks for the key. Phill does this very lazy, but still in tune, ‘eeehhh…’ Cracked me up.

Phill drags Simon over for the next one, because it’s a Duran Duran song, and the whole thing is hysterical, because they just get him over to dance, and Ian still has no idea. Phill, at the end, just shrugs and goes, at Simon, “IT’S ONE OF HIS!”

On the origin of the name the Buzzcocks:
Simon: “I think the name came from a phrase.”
Sean: “…’Buzzcocks’.”
Simon: “…yeah…”

Phill, on LL Cool J’s name: “Is it the small Welsh village where he was born?”

I like the new Band Names round, because it goes back and forth, each panel getting 2. Plus, they’re short and snappy, and are kind of fun.

Phill’s team doesn’t get the Captain Beefheart name one, but they get close, so Mark gives them the point.
THE REAL STORY: “An uncle of his used to have a party piece where he pulled out his penis,  squeezing it until the end turned purple, and then exclaimed that it “looked like a big ‘ol beef heart!”
Phill: “I, uh, I actually prefer our answer. Can we have that one, please? Cause you’re frightening me with this uncle. “LOOKIT DAT, BOY! LOOKIT MAH BIG PURPLE WILLY! NAME YOUR BAND AFTER IT!”

Ah, yes, the origin. Mark, in intros, gives Simon’s team about 5 straight Duran Duran lyrics, afterwards exclaiming “My, he’s very good at these!”

Overall: A very solid show, but a lot felt rushed in comparison to last series. The changes were a bit evident, and a lot of jokes were brushed along. The panel was quieter but the dynamic was not. Ian and Simon had nice showings, as well as Karen, who seemed to have a great time with Mark.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Kathy
Best Runner: Beefheart


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S5E1

  1. Karen: Is it a logical one? Is it like an answer that’s logical? Is it gonna be something that we’re gonna know…?
    [audience laughter]
    Mark: I dunno, that’s why I asked(!) If I knew that you knew I wouldn’t ask, would I? Waste of my time, I’ve got a kebab story, I don’t care!
    Karen: Is it a silly answer or is it…?
    Mark: It’s *an* answer, love, alright? Don’t get nippy. It is a pretty weird answer, but of course it is a logical answer, *because it’s the answer*!
    Karen: Shut up, you arse!

  2. How The Buzzcocks actually got their name, according to Wikipedia [my annotations in square parentheses]…

    [Howard] Devoto and [Pete] Shelley chose the name “Buzzcocks” after reading the headline, “It’s the Buzz, Cock!”, in a review of the TV series Rock Follies [a musical drama series about a female rock band] in Time Out magazine. The “buzz” is the excitement of playing on stage; “cock” is Manchester slang meaning “mate” (as in friend/buddy). They thought it captured the excitement of the Sex Pistols and nascent punk scene.

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